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Sweet Coconut Cream Banana

Updated on May 20, 2016
This one is made with American bananas
This one is made with American bananas

Home made sweet coconut cream bananas

I remembered on the time I lived with my grandmother and grandfather, my grandma used to cook banana curry, sweet coconut cream banana, used ripe banana and green banana makes, and I love it so much, especially sweet coconut cream green banana. I know how to make sweet cream banana with ripe banana, but I never make curry banana, and sweet cream green banana. My grandmother also used bananas and made many other types of banana desserts that taste much better than sweet cream banana, but it more difficult and take longer time to finish it, and many time I helped she make it.

First time (almost 20 years ago), I made sweet coconut cream, using ripe banana. I replaced coconut milk with cow milk as it easy to find, because we always had milk in the refrigerator every day for our kids. Another reason I don’t like to use coconut milk because it’s in a can, which I don’t feel save using coconut milk in the can, but with some recipe I still have to use coconut milk anyway, because the recipe will not test good or look good without coconut milk.

So my first time made sweet banana cream, I used cow milk, and used the long size banana (American banana) to replaced Thai banana, its taste pretty good too, not much different making with coconut milk. So after I knew, I can make with cow milk, then whenever I want to eat sweet banana cream, I just made it with cow milk, but I never make a sweet green banana cream, until this year (2016), as I concerned more about my health, and must be careful more about the food we eat, So I read more about food nutrition and health. I tried to make sweet banana cream used green banana, but it did not tested so good like the one that my grandmother made, but it taste aright, I still can eat it, no need to throw away.

Thai banana (its still green)
Thai banana (its still green)

Benefits of Thai Banana

After I watched a video about the benefit of Thai banana, which the doctor said; Thai banana is rich in calcium, and the calcium will increase up to four times more if it grilled.

When I heard, he said, ‘grilled banana will increase calcium four times more than fresh banana’, it made me really happy, because now I can eat baked banana more often, without worrying that the vitamins in banana will get destroy with the heat, and I'll get more calcium for my bone.

I usually bought banana for my children to eat, but I hardly eat it, or sometime I did not eat it at all, because I don’t like to eat fresh banana, and also I don’t like the smell of the banana. I can only eat a lot of banana if it cooked.

So then, whenever I want to eat banana, then I either baked, or make a sweet coconut cream, or make fry banana, I love fry banana the most, but did not make it often, my children also liked fry banana, but they don’t like to eat baked bananas, or sweet coconut cream banana.

The doctor in the video said; Thai banana can also cure many ailments with the continued eating, and good for digestion, better sleep, or can cure sleeping disorder, cure stomach infection, reduce stress and many more.

Who has the ailments as listed below, eating Thai banana may helps to cure your ailment (that is the doctor in the video said);

- Hemorrhoids

- Stomach problem, stomach infection, and stomach cancer

- Intestinal cancer

- And also help with difficult bower movement

If you can eat at least 2 bananas before breakfast and 2 bananas before dinner will helps improve bower movement, happiness, and better sleep at night.

How to pick banana

Every time buying banana, buy green banana, and after a few days later, banana will turn from green to yellow, or ripe and ready to eat. The good banana to eat is that when banana still have some a little bit of green peel, eating ripe banana or the peel is completely yellowed, it might make you get fat, because it’s too sweet, which mean it store a lot of sugar, and the sugar will turn to fat and store in your body after you eat it.


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How to make sweet cream banana

The sweet cream banana is easy and simple to make, and it can finish up in less than 10 minutes.


  • 5 - 6 ripe bananas, (not completely ripe), and cut into pieces
  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup organic cane sugar, or coconut sugar
  • 2 cups fresh squeeze coconut milk, or organic coconut milk in the can
  • little bit of sea salt
  • 1 - 2 tea spoon grated fresh ginger (optional), you can add ginger, if you like to get the benefits of the ginger also.
  • You can replace coconut milk with cow milk, or organic almond milk.
  • I’m not recommended use very ripe banana because, if it too ripe, the bananas will get mushy after it cooked, especially American banana (the long size banana), but Thai banana is more firm and will not get much mushy.

I cut bananas into pieces like this


  1. Peel and cut bananas into pieces like cut zucchini and yellow squash, but a little bit bigger piece.
  2. Put coconut milk, sugar, sea salt, and ginger in the pot, cook on medium heat until it boiled, then put in bananas and let it boil for 3 minutes, and turn off stove. Eat hot or cold.

Sweet Cream Banana

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