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'tater Chips Homemade

Updated on April 17, 2015

My Dark Russet chips

Cripy Golden

I like potato chips preferably pringles or the Cap Cod Dark Russet. Lately i've been finding myself snacking on the Terra exotic veggie chips, this is probably because I find most of the chips too salty (I don't really even care for the low salt).

I like making my own homemade chips as I can season the oil with whatever I want (loads of garlic) some cinnamon, onion powder and make the flavoring more of one flavor (Garlic) than onion or whatever way want them cooked.

Potato Chip Day

March 14 is Potato Chip Day

Supplies needed - for MY homemade potatoes

I prefer them cooked in the pot sort of deep fried but not. I only put maybe a cup or 2 in of preferred oil & a tab or 2 of REAL BUTTER (not margerine) to get them browned. I love the Cap Cod Dark russet brand chips.

This is frying them but not really deep fry. you can use any oil you use to cook with I use veggie oil

(I have yet to experiment & bake them)

*after slicing the preferred amount of potatoes,

*dry out slices first (or it will take MUCH longer to cook) Put a dishtowel on a pan then paper towels on a pan for potatoes to dry. (maybe even in a sunny window even better if that window has a radiator & let them sit for a half hour or so. (but you need to turn them a bit as the water from the top drains the bottom slices will become the wettest.

* while those are drying a bit get oil ready. Add the seasonings & bring the oil to a boil then

*carefully add about a handful or 2 of potatoes

*Cook until golden (or your preferred darkness)

*take out & put on paper towel covered dish to drain.

put in another bunch of slices & repeat.

When the first batch in the dish has drained....before you take out the 2nd batch from the oil remove batch from the first dish, & put on the already drained dish

{NOTE- my appologies for the lack of photos. I have taken some pics, but sadly as I might have mentioned my memory card, or the computer (something) won't co-operate so as soon as 'Evil' (yes I named it out of frustration when I first got it for other Evil things it did or did not want to do.) it that whe I first got So as soon as Evil decides to be nice, I will post.}

  • a few potatoes (think at least 1 per person of medium to large size)

    Today (march 15) I used four 2 big 2 small

  • pot
  • Veggetable Oil
  • paper towels on a dish (for the cooked potatoes to drain) AFTER sliced
  • Slicer (I use the thin flat one that came with myMicrowave Chip maker)
  • seasonings
  • 2-3 paper bags & 2 large plates or 'cooling' pans
  • Dish Towel

Silce 'Taters for chips (with a mandolin)

Silce 'Taters for chips (with a mandolin)
Silce 'Taters for chips (with a mandolin)

Cook taters (Fry with a little olive oil) or Bake

Cook taters (Fry with a little olive oil) or Bake
Cook taters (Fry with a little olive oil) or Bake


Garlic * Onion * paparika

cheddar cheese * parmasan cheese


prob. best to use when baking)

Maple syrup (for sweet)


Draining Plate on Left and Already Drained on Right

draining plate on left and already drained on right
draining plate on left and already drained on right

Introducing the SCREAMING tater!

Introducing the SCREAMING tater!
Introducing the SCREAMING tater!

Read to eat!

Read to eat!
Read to eat!

Chip Dip

Sour Cream & onion

Artichoke/ Spinish dip



French Onion Dip

Clam Dip

Lobster dip


Chip Baking

If you are going to be BAKING

them be sure to still use the thin slicer

also a non-stick baking sheet or pan

you will want to drizzle some of the Veggie or oilive oil over the potatoes. Maybe even a little melted butter for a nice browning & to get crispier.

one of the seasonings for baking is B-B-Q. Brush on a thin coat on one or both sides (2nd side after first side is cooked this way it gets that baked in flavor & will hopefully not be so messy.) If you can find BBQ powder you can use this for a lot less mess (especially if you have kids).

I don't have a pre heat, or set time to cook as I have yet to experiment this way.

©Kim Marie Ostrowski
©Kim Marie Ostrowski

(depending on how many potatoes you have to cut I think it may take at least 3-5 minutes to get a nice thin cut going so I'm estimating 5 minutes per potato cut

ad another 2-3 minutes to season well

Cook Time

Prep Time: about 10 minutes

Total Time: 40+

Serves: 1 person per potato


  • Potato (s)
  • Sea salt
  • olive Oil
  • Butter
  • seasonings (optional)


  1. its quite easy
  2. cut potato into THIN slices ALMOST all the way through (like 75% of the way) this way it will flare like pages.
  3. drizzle oilive oil on it be sure it gets in between the slices.
  4. Melt whatever kind of butter you like in microwave and then drizzle over getting the butter between slices as well.
  5. add some Sea salt to them for taste
  6. (also add any other addittional powdered seasonings or herbs at this point)
  7. Bake at 425 degree (ferinheight) for 4 minutes (check on occassion for crispness they should be crispy as least half way through for chips
Cast your vote for Baked Potato 'chip' loaf

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    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @ThisisMissyMiss: That sounds good! I've even thought of maple and some odd stuff as well like peanut butter... but not sure how that would work

    • ThisisMissyMiss profile image


      5 years ago from The Fabulous Midwest

      I love making homemade potato chips! We like to put a bit of garlic powder and parmesan on them. So yummy!

    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @knitstricken: omg the dogs like potato chips... too much! I wish we had a dehydrater,

    • knitstricken profile image


      5 years ago

      I've also used a food dehydrator to make chips, finishing them off in the oven or with a fry bath. And then there are the sweet potato chips I make for my dogs and me. Tasty stuff! :o)

    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @anonymous: I'm not much for salt but usually put a dash or 2 on the potato chips (usually while cooking) as to me itbrings the flavors out of the other seasonings. I'm not crazy about sweet potatoes but I LOVE those Terra Chip brand Chips! Want me to eat my veggies? that's how to do it!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I've had the opportunity to enjoy sweet potato chips, deep fried. Not too much salt (and not too often deep fried) makes this treat sweet.


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