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The Best Tea Infuser Travel Mugs With Reviews

Updated on October 16, 2012

A Tea Infuser Tumbler Or Mug Can Make Your Morning Routine So Much More Enjoyable

My wife drinks hot tea every morning and we've both had our fair share of mornings dealing with the loose leaf tea. We've used those tea balls and they are a pain because it can be somewhat difficult to fill them. It also is annoying to use some countertop tea brewing methods due to the time requirements.

A tea infuser is a great alternative to every other method we've found. Since she takes her tea on the road with her to work in to the morning we've found it very handy to just brew the tea right in the travel mug. Each mug works a bit differently but they simplify things so that you barely have to think about it until it's time to actually take your first sip.

Pictured at left is the Thermos Nissan 12oz SS Tea Tumbler with Infuser, a full review can be found down this page.

Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug
Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug

A Clear Travel Mug Tea Infuser Makes It Easy To Brew On The Go

In my opinion the best tea infuser mug is the Thermos Nissan featured above and reviewed a bit further down this page. The Thermos is a better designed travel mug; that's why I like it best but the Aladdin mug pictured to the right is probably my favorite clear tea infuser mug. It's well made, has plenty of positive reviews by others and it brews good tea on the go.

Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug

My wife is perfectly fine with really light tea on occasion. She has been known to brew her tea for only a minute when she's in a rush. I on the other hand like really dark tea and with a clear mug it's easy to see when the brewing processes has darkened me up enough.

Some infusers rely on you keeping your tea leaves in a removable wire container and some others even rely on you keeping the leaves pressed down at the bottom of the mug but this mug is different. You put your loose tea leaves in the basket and lower it from the drinking lid into the water. When your tea is steeped to your liking then there is a little drawstring-like handle that allows you to pull the basket up to the surface without having to open the mug up at all.

And probably the coolest thing about this mug is that it is microwavable. Unlike the Thermos featured below you can toss it in the microwave to warm up your water prior to brewing or you can toss your tea in the microwave to warm it up again it it's lost a few degrees of temperature on you. I love that.

Aladdin 12Oz Tea Infuser Travel Mug

Thermos Nissan 12-Ounce Stainless-Steel Tea Tumbler with Infuser - The Top Selling & Top Rated Tea Infuser Mug

As noted above the Nissan Tea Tumbler with Infuser is the best all around in it's product category. Thermos consistently makes the highest quality travel mugs. They hold there temperature longer than all other mugs as far as I'm concerned. I have a Thermos that has kept hot coffee warm as long as 24 hours.

The Best Coffee Mug To Keep Coffee Hot
Looking for the best coffee mug to keep your coffee or tea hot for hours at a time? Most travel coffee mugs are capable of keeping your beverages very hot fo...

It's construction is very duable. It's metal, and even if you drop it it will not break. The lid seals amazingly well preventing drips and spills even when you are somewhat careless about the way you transport it.

The mug even has two tops, one for coffee and one for tea making it a very versatile mug, appropriate for any occasion and any morning craving. If you want to steep tea in the mug then just make sure the added tea infuser ring is attached to the drinking lid and you are all set to go. You can then leave the infuser ring in the mug while you drink or you can remove - the choice is up to you.

Thermos 12-Ounce Stainless-Steel Tea Tumbler with Infuser (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Thermos 12-Ounce Stainless-Steel Tea Tumbler with Infuser (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The Thermos Nissan Tea Infusing Tumbler is priced very competitively with it's competitors and it has more sales and positive reviews than all others. This is a top of the line product and the best in it's class.


More Top Rated Tea Infuser Travel Mugs - Cheaper Travel Mugs For Tea... For The Tighter Wallet

If you don't have $20 or more to spend on a tea travel mug then check out the infusing mugs featured below. They are all excellent quality products priced in the $10-$20 range. If you are lucky you may even find these tea infuser travel mugs discounted as the Christmas shopping season approaches.

Try These Tea Infuser Tumbler Mug Alternatives - If you want a more conventional tea infuser then try these or search for others below

Do You Have A Favorite Method Of Brewing Your Tea? - Share Your Methods Below

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      3 years ago

      and I'm a fellow bpsoolgt blogger my blog is called conceptionally challenged... I totally need a distraction in a big way so what an exciting new way 2 create that... Thanks for getting this set up!

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      3 years ago

      No tea? Try a Red Espresso or variant to it. It's coeffe with a delicious tea flavor. And did you know Rooibos tea isn't actually a tea? It's made from an entirely different plant. Therefore it doesn't contain caffeine and tons of other advantages Ow, but I guess you're looking for caffeine?


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