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Tea around the world - beverages that are super healthy for you!

Updated on August 4, 2012

One of the most popular beverages around the world is tea. There are many different kinds of tea; it is impossible to talk about all of them in just one hub. In addition to being very flavorful, tea leaves and drinks contain anti oxidants and other compounds that promote good health. In this hub, I will talk about some of the most popular types of tea around the world.

Green tea – Native to China, green tea has been popular in its native country for many centuries. Contrary to popular beliefs, there are lots of different types of green tea. There are slight variations of the smell and taste between different types of green tea; experts will be distinguish them with smell and taste. Drinking green tea everyday will give your body a major boost. It will prevent certain types of cancer along with other diseases with its anti oxidants. Most recent research has shown that green tea has even more flavonoids than fruit juices, vegetable juices and wine. Actually, there is an extensive list of health benefits associated with regularly drinking green tea. However, those that are not familiar with the taste of green tea should not purchase large amounts of tea leaves. The very subtle taste of green tea can be enhanced with some honey. The top grade of green tea is very expensive and is highly appreciated by a green tea lover.

the purple clay teapot is the traditional ware for making tea.
the purple clay teapot is the traditional ware for making tea.
The Chinese bilouchun green tea is one of the best, most well known and gorgeous teas in China.
The Chinese bilouchun green tea is one of the best, most well known and gorgeous teas in China.

Japanese Matcha tea – Matcha is a type of green tea that is very pleasant to Asians and Westerners. The high quality tea leaves are crushed into powders. The resulting drink is medium green in color and very flavorful. It is also used in making green tea ice cream and other traditional Japanese sweets. The Japanese Matcha tea is highly recommended for non tea drinkers to start out with.

The matcha is a powder tea that is slightly sweet
The matcha is a powder tea that is slightly sweet
In addition to the traditional matcha tea, it can be made into many deserts such as the cake picture above.
In addition to the traditional matcha tea, it can be made into many deserts such as the cake picture above.

White tea – The white tea is a type of tea that goes through very simple processes compared to the other types of tea. It has even less oxidation than green tea. In recent years, white tea became one of the most popular drinks in China. According to some research, it has the same anti oxidants as green tea. In addition to anti oxidants, white tea is also very rich in other compounds that promote good health. Those that love light flavors will love the white tea.

Jasmine tea – The most popular tea in Northern China is called jasmine tea. This tea is drunk almost every day in Northern Chinese cuisine. It is not difficult to see why, this tea is very fragrant and pleasant. You will be able to find different grades of jasmine tea all over Northern China. This wonderful tea is great with a little snack.

Roasted barley tea – The barley tea is made of barley and is served in many Asian countries. In Japan and Korea, roasted barley tea is very popular in the summer. It is a refreshing drink that is very distinctive in taste. It goes well with heavy meals. It is definitely way healthier than soft drinks traditionally served at most restaurants. The roasted barley tea is inexpensive so lots of people will be able to enjoy this little beverage without feeling guilty. You can drink the barley tea hot or chilled. Many studies show that barley tea has some health benefits as well; it mainly inhibits microbial activity.

Indian Masala chai – Many Asians enjoy drinking tea; Indians enjoy the Masala chai or tea with their meals and snacks. This tea is unique because it has lots of spices and milk added to it. You will be able to order this tea from many Indian restaurants. For those that like very rich flavors, the Indian Masala tea is highly recommended for you.

Black tea – The black tea is popular in many Southeast Asian countries. This tea is very rich and flavorful. Those that like very rich flavors will love this tea. This type of tea is oxidized more than any other types of tea and retains its flavors for many years after its production. Like the green tea, there are many different types of black tea. In China, the black tea is actually called red tea and is very popular in Southern regions.

Taiwanese pearl milk tea (Bubble milk tea) – The milk tea originated from the island of Taiwan. Taiwanese black tea is used in this beverage. Makers can add milk, condensed milk, syrup and cooked tapioca pearls. Lots of shops have developed different flavors in addition to the original pearl milk tea. Those are often flavored by fruits or fruit flavors. Many shops in Taiwan and other places populated by Taiwanese immigrants have an entire shop dedicated to pearl milk tea.

Blended Tea - Those that are not familiar with the tea culture can try blended tea instead. These teas are blended with a variety of dried fruits, flowers and different kinds of tea. Because it is so fragrant, those that are new to tea will find it very easy to adjust.


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