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Ten Romantic and Delicious Meals to Cook For Your Girlfriend

Updated on January 19, 2011

Cooking For Your Girl

As much as women love presents such as flowers, jewelry and other store bought gifts, sometimes they want to know that you cared to put the time in to make something for them. Nothing quite says I love you like surprising your significant other with a specially made meal just for them after a hard days work.

Some Romantic Meal Ideas

Men always give traditional gifts such as flowers, candy, and gift cards to women. Boyfriends who have the ability to cook periodically surprise their girlfriends with a romantic dinner for two. The following are the ten most romantic meals to cook for your girlfriend whether you have the ability to cook or not.

Everyone enjoys meat and potatoes. Cooking a steak just the way she likes it with a baked potato and her favorite vegetable makes an easy and enjoyable meal. Ribeyes, filet mignons, and porter house steaks are easily broiled, grilled, or pan fried.

Seafood lovers enjoy an assortment of lobster, scallops, shrimp, and crab cakes. Lobster is easily cooked by steaming in a pot or grilling. Scallops and shrimp can be deep fried, pan fried, grilled, or steamed in a pot. Grocery stores offer pre-made crab cakes with easy cooking directions.

Mexican food also provides a romantic dinner. Pre-packaged kits of quesedillas, fajitas, tacos, and enchiladas go well with yellow rice, refried beans, and taco chips. Fillings of chicken, beef, shrimp, and rice with taco or enchilada sauce and shredded cheese create a delectable meal.

Italian meals include lasagna or stuffed shells with garlic bread or bread sticks. Pre-packaged lasagna noodles list the necessary ingredients and simple instructions to bake a pan of lasagna. Jumbo macaroni shells can be stuffed with browned hamburg and shredded mozzarella cheese or just mozzarella cheese, placed in a baking pan, and covered with spaghetti sauce and Parmesan cheese. Baking one hour at 400 degrees provides a meal for more than one day.

Baking stuffed peppers or cabbage rolls provide excellent meals. Stuffed peppers are made the same way as stuffed shells except rice is also included. Cabbage rolls require uncooked hamburg and rice combined then rolled in boiled cabbage leaves before placing in a pan and covering with spaghetti sauce and baking.

Cornish hens are easily cooked in a rotisserie for one and a half hours. Butter and garlic noodles are a favorite side dish with this poultry meal. There is also very little cleanup with this dinner.

Grilling provides great romantic meals such as barbecue ribs, chicken, and corn on the cob. This cooking method provides easy cleanup of dishes. Ribs and chicken boiled for an hour before grilling take less time to cook on the grill.

Romantic dinners are not just cooked on the stove, grill, or deep fryer. Crock pot meals of German sausage and sauerkraut is as easy as placing the meat, sauerkraut, and beef broth or mushroom soup in the pot in the morning. Setting the dial on low or high will provide a great meal in just a few hours while boyfriends are working or doing other activities.

Vegetarian salads are ideal for girlfriends who prefer to eat meatless meals. Iceberg, romaine, spinach, endive, or leaf lettuce can be combined with chicken, fruit, shrimp, or scallops. A salad with carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and turkey breast chunks is also delicious. Offer her favorite salad dressing or try a new dressing that she may enjoy.

Another romantic and easy meal is soup in a bread bowl. Local grocery stores provide round loaves of bread such as sourdough and Italian. After cutting off the top of the loaf, remove the bread inside to make a bowl. Baste inside and outside with olive oil and bake on a baking sheet for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. The soup can be her favorite soup whether it is tomato, chicken noodle, potato, or any other type. Homemade or store bought soup is cooked then poured into the bread bowl right before serving.

Before the main meal, appetizers of cheese and crackers, breaded mushrooms, fried cheese sticks, and even pizza rolls can be offered on a decorative plate. Depending on the meal prepared, wine or margaritas could be served. Girlfriends preferring non-alcoholic drinks would enjoy non-alcoholic margaritas, coffee, tea, juice, or spring water. Besides traditional desserts such as cake or pie with ice cream, other choices include cheesecake, bread pudding, or rice pudding.

The ten most romantic meals to cook for your girlfriend offer a variety for women who enjoy a wide assortment of foods. Cooking a romantic meal and doing the dishes afterward shows her how much she is loved.

How about Chateaubriand

This is one of my favorite foods; chateaubriand. If your significant other likes red meat, this is a meal that she will absolutely love.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      so nice...amazing lens!

    • Fran Tollett profile image

      Fran Tollett 

      7 years ago

      It's ALWAYS nice to have a nice dinner waiting on you. Great ideas!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I was searching for recipes in preparation for this coming valentines at when I suddenly redirected to this page. Maybe I've something linking to this site. The ideas are great and I'm hoping my boyfriend will apply these. ^^

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      What great treats for the one your trying to impress!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great ideas!


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