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Turkey Without the Ducken

Updated on November 8, 2013

Beautiful Boneless Stuffed Turkey Roll

My grandson said this was the best Turkey for Thanksgiving that he's ever ate. I thought it was pretty darn good myself. I decided two years ago to make my Turkey different for Thanksgiving. After thinking about it I decided I would try a Turkey 'Turducken' style, without the duck and chicken. If you are not familiar with Turducken it's a Louisiana, USA specialty. The Louisiana people de-bone a Turkey, duck and chicken each and stack them on top of each other with layers of dressing, that might be bread or a rice dressing, in between each layer of meat. It doesn't matter to me which dressing that is used because I love what ever they put in them.

So back to my Turkey roll. That herb taste through that meat was fantastic. It was so easy to carve, we just sliced servings from it. The layer of dressing rolled in was tasty and the whole bird browned beautifully. I'll tell you how I did it later. I'm glad I made that choice and I'm strongly considering making it again this year.

The above artwork is one I created for a Greeting Card. This card can be found at:


  • 1 - any size Turkey thawed and rinsed with fresh water
  • giblet packages removed and inside of Turkey rinsed
  • salt & pepper
  • any other seasoning to your liking
  • Enough dressing to make a 1" layer across de-boned Turkey


  1. With a sharp knife remove the bones from your Turkey. I remove wings and de-boned the leg. I also reserve and roast all of the bones from the Turkey to make Turkey soup with later.
  2. After you have de-boned your Turkey lay it out flat, skin side down, and sprinkle with your favorite seasoning. Next cover meat with a 1" thick layer of your favorite dressing (my dressing recipe is below). Press dressing in and proceed to roll one breast side over dressing. Then over that side with the other breast side. Tuck in any parts all along your roll. Tie with a baking string or skewer where flaps meet to hold your roll together and place in a roasting pan, cover and continue to bake.
  3. Bake like you would any of your Holiday Turkeys, basting with the juices through the cooking time. I bake mine at 325 degrees to 350 degrees. This roll bakes faster than a traditional stuffed Turkey without bones in it. Bake approx 1 1/2 to 2 hrs, until juices are clear and your roll is nicely browned.
  4. Once your Turkey is finished baking remove from oven. Carefully transfer from baking pan and place on serving platter to rest approx. 15 minutes. Slice into desired thickness across the roll and serve with all of your traditional delicacies.
  5. Use pan drippings to make your gravy if desired. Delicious!
  6. Artwork is my own creation.
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Turkey Roulade-Food Network - Wow super looking Stuffed Turkey Roll dinner recipe to try

This video explains very well how to do a Turkey Roll that has been stuffed. The dressing recipe used in the video looks wonderful.

My Turkey Dressing / Stuffing - Very simple but simply delicious

I cooked the neck and giblets that comes with my Turkey. I simmer them until fork tender then remove to cool and reserve the broth to use to moisten my stuffing.

You can add fruit, nuts, oysters to your dressing mix. Whatever your heart desires and what you like for taste. It's all optional and It's all good!


  • 2 loaves of bread torn into approx 1" pieces dried over night
  • 2 sticks of butter
  • 2 celery stalks sliced
  • 1 medium sized onion chopped
  • 1 package of rawbreakfast sausage links
  • fry and cut into 1" pieces
  • keep fried out grease for stuffing
  • chopped meat from cooked giblets and neck (this is optional of course) but I like the flavor
  • salt & pepper
  • 3 TBLSP's of Sage or to taste or Poultry Seasoning
  • Approx 4 cups of reserved Turkey broth or canned to moisten dried bread


  1. melt butter in fry pan add celery & onions, sautee about 7 min. Add link Sausage and cook until done. Add sage or poultry seasoning to bread crumbs along with salt & pepper to taste. Pour in reserved Turkey broth and mix so that bread is quite moist but not sloppy wet. Add cooked vegetables and sausage into your bowl of bread, then add reserved chopped giblet meat and neck meat. Mix all together and stuff your whole Turkey or Turkey Roll. This recipe makes a lot of dressing so if you are making the Turkey roll stuff with 1" layer all across the skinless side of the Turkey Breast and then put the remaining in a baking dish or pan cover with a lid or tinfoil and bake along with your Turkey. When dressing edges start to brown slightly and had steamed through remove from oven. Serve in a nice serving bowl. Maybe you'll have leftovers!
A Bountiful Thanksgiving
A Bountiful Thanksgiving

I Love This Time With My Girls

As I cook my Thanksgiving Turkey I Love being in the kitchen with my daughters and even my Son if he wants to be included. We've had some wonderful times fixing side dishes, laughing and joking. I find that most often stories come up about times past as the kids bring up funny things they remember as children or teens. I feel that a kitchen brings a family together and putting together a big Holiday meal for our sit down dinner at the decorated table brings out the best in everyone.

So set the stage for a great day of family love and fun. Most of all enjoy it because the magic only lasts one day and then it's business as usual.

Cornucopia artwork is another of my own Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Baste Your Turkey Once, Twice & Baste It Some More - Keep It Moist

Bake It, Roast It, Just Don't Toast It! - Good things to make your Turkey come out beautiful

Dress Your Table To Showcase Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Bid For A Beautiful Table Setting - Thanksgiving Dinnerware

A Lovely Meal Served On A Lovely Table Setting

Some Holiday Spirit Is A Blessing - Cheerful Comments Appreciated

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      loved the twist that your lens brings to a already famous Thanksgiving meal menu! Squidliked it!

    • KimGiancaterino profile image


      6 years ago

      Sounds like a winner, and much easier to manage than a traditional turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • KimGiancaterino profile image


      6 years ago

      Sounds like a winner, and much easier to manage than a traditional turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!


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