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The All Clad Waffle Maker

Updated on April 17, 2015
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The All Clad Waffle Maker Review

I have been using the All Clad waffle maker for about 6 months now and I absolutely love it. The model we purchased was the 4 square Belgian waffle maker and we choose this model over the 2 square mainly because we have a big family and like to be able to cook more at one time.

I love breakfast, so much so that I will often have breakfast for dinner, additionally I find that getting up and making breakfast for the family is a great start to the day for everyone and gives us a little time to spend with each other before going our separate ways for the day.

On top of this, I really, really love Belgian style waffles, which is why we choose this model over one of the other All Clad waffle makers that are available. We choose to purchase the All Clad brand because my mother has owned one for several years and I know how good of waffles she makes, additionally this brand has received a lot of good reviews for not only their waffle makers but all of the other kitchen items they make. After reading different waffle maker reviews and looking at several models we knew this was the one for us.

We have owned a Hamilton Beach waffle maker in the past and although it was much less expensive it did not perform as well as our new model. Don't get me wrong, our old model did work very well but just not as well as this one. Click the link to read about Hamilton Beach waffle makers.

A part of what I really like about this model is its durability, this thing feels like it is built to last. Of course this durability also makes it a bit on the heavy side so if you plan on storing it after every use you would want to have a handy place to put it, sticking it up on the top shelf of your cupboard could be a little challenging. We leave ours on the counter and it looks great sitting up there with our other kitchen appliances which is another reason we chose this model, it has a very sleek and elegant look to it.

All-Clad Square Belgian Waffle Maker - 2 Squares or 4

There are several features about this model that I think makes it one of the best waffle makers on the market today. The model pictured here is the Belgian style and comes in a 2 square model. Having a 4 square model is better for feeding more mouths while the 2 square is fine for feeding one or two people. You can also get an All Clad waffle maker that makes a 6 1/2 inch round waffle which I will talk more about in a minute.

All Clad Waffle Maker - The Pros

One of the great features about this waffle maker is that it is practically dummy proof, it has an indicator light which will let you know when the unit has reached its optimal temperature to start making your waffle and it makes a beeping noise when it has done cooking your waffle. This means you don't have to keep opening it to check and see when it is done.

Another feature that I really like is the steam release system, this prevents your waffles from becoming soggy from condensation build up.

You can also adjust the heat so that you can make your waffles more or less crispy, depending on how you like them.

Another great feature (which most have these days) is the drip tray on the back of the unit, if you pour in a little to much batter the excess goes right into the drip tray and not all over the side of the waffle maker.

Once you are done making breakfast you simply wipe down the inside and it comes clean with little effort. My girlfriend especially likes this.

All About Waffles

All-Clad Square Belgian Waffle Maker


All-Clad Square Belgian Waffle Makers

If you like Belgiam waffles then this is the model for you. It features an optimum heat indicator light, it beeps when the waffle is done and it has an overflow tray in case you add to much batter. Additionally you can adjust the heat to make more or less crispy waffles.

The Cons

My only two complaints about the All Clad waffle maker is the price and the weight. Both of their waffle makers are a little more expensive than most other brands and they both weight a lot compared to some of the other models we looked at before purchasing this one.

When it comes to the weight it is not a problem for us as we keep it on our counter at all times, if you plan on storing it after each use then you will want to make sure you have a handy spot for it. The lid does lock so you don't have to worry about it flopping around when trying to put it away.

The cost was our biggest problem but one we could live with, if you can't afford the roughly $200 purchase cost there are other good brands to choose from. However, if you have the money to spend then I think you will be more than happy with either model of the All Clad waffle maker.

Customize Your Waffle - Variety is the Spice of Life

You can make so many different things with waffles it is simply fantastic. Why settle for a boring ol'e waffle with syrup when you can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of your waffle. These make a perfect and very unique lunch for the kids or even for us adults who still love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

BLT Waffle Sandwich

This is by far one of my favorite lunch menu items, I get to eat breakfast and lunch at the same time with this waffle bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Throw in some zucchini fries and you have yourself a great tasting and fairly healthy lunch.

All Clad Classic Round Waffle Maker

All Clad Classic Round Waffle Maker 8400000928

If the classic round waffle is more your style then this is the model for you. It makes 6 1/2 inch round waffles, has a sound and light indicator so you will know when your waffle maker is ready to start cooking and know exactly when your waffle is done. It also features seven levels of browning so you can make your waffles softer or crispier.

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