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The Best Coffee Shops in Regina

Updated on December 22, 2015

What's the best coffee shop in Regina?

A difficult conundrum we've been facing in Regina. What IS the best coffee shop in town? They seem to be popping up everywhere these days. You can't drive a city block without finding one of these lovely boutique baristas. So how to find the best.

Is it the coffee? Is it the baking? Is it the staff? Location? Atmosphere? Price? Parking? There's certainly a lot of different things to consider when deciding on what's the best but this lens should help you decipher.

After the creation of this page some wonderful coffee shops have popped up around Regina and I've rehashed some wonderful barista's.

Colony Coffee - The Northgate Mall - Where I usually get all more favourite flavoured coffees including, Caramel Crunch, Highlander Grogg, Blueberry (yes it's delicious), Kailua, and many more.

The Naked Bean - Broadway Ave. - These guys did a fundraiser for a community organization (Regina and District Association for Community Living) this past year which turned out to be amazing! I really like companies that are helping grow a part of the community. Good for you Naked Bean!!!

Bobby Joe's - 13th Ave. - Real close to the office, we walk here from time to time. I like the coffee and the cookies are just a treat! Every morning, it's about 3 minutes from my house and 2 from the office! I love it! Fun staff and delicious coffee.

What's your favorite Coffee Shop in Regina

What's your favorite Coffee Shop in Regina

See results

Rocadale Roca House

Rocadale Roca House
Rocadale Roca House | Source
In beautiful north Regina!
In beautiful north Regina! | Source

Rochdale Roca House

Located in the lovely North-end of Regina

The Rochdale Roca House has always been a favourite of mine. Great décor, amazing coffee and the staff are just a treat. I love a company who actually cares about customer service. You can tell the attention to detail.

I'm a big fan, the staff treat you like a local if you come there more than twice a week. I have lots of meetings in the north end of Regina so the Roca House is an easy choice. I really like their cookies. A little under done, cooked to perfection, the Roca House has amazing cookies.

A lovely selection of food, sweet as well as chicken sandwiches (said with a Dane Cook accent).

They get Collony Coffee so they always have several delicious flavours on tap.

The most important factor in my eyes is the Wifi factor. If the Wifi's good I can work there for hours and at the Roca house it's just perfect, never have had a problem.

Give it a try, if the flavoured coffee is on you must try the Hylander Grogg as well as Caramel Crunch. Two of my all time favourite coffees.

Le Macaron

Le Macaron, East Regina
Le Macaron, East Regina | Source
Maracon's at Le Macaron
Maracon's at Le Macaron | Source

Le Macaron

Located in the Eastend of Regina (behind Applebee's)

Le Macaron is famous for it's sweet, sweet treats. You should see the spread! Macaron's of many different flavors including, chocolate, vanilla, slated caramel(my FAV), chocolate mint, banana, and even gluten free. Brownies, cakes, eclairs, cheese cakes, muffins, pastries, quiche, and much, much more. If you go for a coffee you must try something with it!

Any meeting I have in the eastend of Regina Le Macaron is my choice, their Wifi is great. As I've disclosed before wifi is such an important characteristic in a coffee shop. Lots of comfy seats and table space, though lately it's been quite busy.

If you ever want to get a decadent desert treat try their Macaron's. The slated Caramel ones are my favourite. Sometimes I sneakily book meetings there just so I can eat the Macarons.

Try it out, definitely one of Regina's best coffee shops.

What's your favorite type of roast?

What's your favorite type of roast?

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The French Press

French Press on south Albert St. Regina
French Press on south Albert St. Regina | Source

The French Press

Located on south Albert St. Regina (between Earls and Brewsters)

Ahhh, last but not least, the French Press. Formerly known as Java Express South, the French Press is a relatively knew name but the service is as old fashion, down to earth just like you'd come to expect.

It's been getting busier and busier lately, probably do to their delicious cookies and gluten free muffins. Great coffee here as well. Another Collony Coffee customer so you know the coffee is delicious.

The best part about the Press though is their wifi. I've said it before and I'll say it again, wifi makes a coffee shop a coffee shop.

Comfy seats, great service, and an Earls near by (just in case you get thirsty for a beer). Try the French Press, you'll be pleasantly surprised

For some reason I love to ask people what their favourite coffee is and why? You get the funniest answers sometimes

What's your favourite coffee to get on the go?

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So which is your favorite?

So which is your favorite?

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Other Wonderful Institutions of Awesome...


For some of the best businesses in Regina you have to check these folks out. I've worked with them or done business with these guys for the past few years.

What do YOU think about coffee?

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    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      3 years ago from Shimla, India


      Your posts about Regina have made me curious to visit the place :)

    • strategylab profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeph Maystruck 

      5 years ago from Regina, SK

      @TreasuresBrenda: I'd agree completely! Well for coffee lovers anyway, I'm sure others have their reasons too.

      Thanks for reading!

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 

      5 years ago from Canada

      I think the taste of the coffee is probably the most important rating of a coffee shop though other factors including treats and ambiance are important, too.


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