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The Best Drinks and Cocktails For Women - The Top Ten

Updated on October 9, 2014

Drinks for Ladies - A Refreshing Trend

When the National Restaurant Association released it's "What's Hot Alcohol Survey ", it was nice to see classic cocktails high on the list.

Many of the drinks being featured in this article fall into that category. They are sophisticated and elegant, like the women who drink them.

Think Audrey Hepburn with her hair pulled back, in a simple, but stunning black dress sipping a cosmopolitan.

A lot of these drinks contain lower amounts of alcohol or contain cream. Perfect for women!

Best of all, with the right equipment and supplies, you can make them at home.


White Wine Spritzer
White Wine Spritzer

#10 White Wine Spritzer

A white wine spritzer is easy to make and a wonderful thirst quencher.

The soda water makes it a great low calorie choice.

You'll need:

2 ounces white wine.

4 ounces soda water.

Lemon or lime wedge.

Pour the wine and soda water into a large glass loaded with ice.

Add a slice of lemon or lime for added flavor.


#9 Grasshopper

A great retro drink from the 1950s and 1960s.

It's sophisticated, decadent and just plain yummy.

You'll need:

1 ounce white creme de cacao

1 ounce green creme de menthe

2 ounces cream

Shake contents vigorously with ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain into glass.

Bloody Caesar
Bloody Caesar

#8 Bloody Ceasar

This is a cousin to the Bloody Mary, but a little lighter.

It's a great way to get your veggies.

You'll need;

2 ounces vodka

6 ounces clamato juice

4 drops hot sauce



Worchestire sauce




Picked Beans


Rim the glass with salt. You can also use a caesar rimming product that has salt and other spices.

Fill the glass with ice, add vodka and clamato juice.

Use hot sauce and worchestire sauce to taste.

Garnish with your choice of celery stalks, pickled beans, lemons, limes and/or olives. (my favorite)

Brandy Alexander
Brandy Alexander

#7 Brandy Alexander

For some reason, this cocktail reminds me of the early and glamorous days of Las Vegas, or Audrey Hepburn in a little black cocktail dress.

It's elegant and an enjoyable sipping drink.

You'll need:

2 ounces brandy

1 ounce dark creme de cacao

4 ounces cream

Nutmeg or cinnamon

Combine brandy. creme de cacao, cream and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into glass.

Sprinkle nutmeg or cinnamon on top.


#6 Mojito

Mojitos are from Cuba and have been enjoying a rise in popularity over the past few years.

I've given you the basic recipe, but you may want to experiment to get the taste you want.

You'll need:

2 ounces white, golden or spiced rum

6 fresh mint leaves

4 ounces club soda

Fresh lime

1 tsp powdered sugar

Put the mint leaves into a solid cocktail glass and squeeze fresh lime juice over them.

Add sugar and muddle the ingredients. (Basically that means using your bar spoon to squish them all together)

Add ice,(or crushed ice) rum and club soda.

Garnish with sprig of fresh mint and/or lime.

Mint Julep
Mint Julep

#5 Mint Julep

Now that we have the mint out, let's move on to the mint julep.

This one isn't just for southern belles.

You'll need:

6 mint leaves

2 ounces bourbon

2 tsp powdered sugar

4 tsp water

Muddle the water, bourbon and sugar together in a solid cocktail glass.

Add crushed or shaved ice. Pour in bourbon.

Here's a hint...if you have time or are preparing mint juleps for a gathering, boil the sugar, mint leaves and water and then cool them down in the refrigerator before preparing the cocktails.

Top with a sprig of mint.

Pink Lady
Pink Lady

#4 Pink Lady

Another great classic from the 1950s.

So pretty..and so tasty!

You'll need:

2 ounces gin

1 tsp grenadine

4 ounces cream

1 egg white

Shake vigorously with ice in a cocktail shaker. You want that egg white to build up a good froth.

Strain into pretty cocktail glass.

Singapore Sling
Singapore Sling

#3 Singapore Sling

Another great classic that has been around for a while.

There are plenty of variations. You can use whatever fresh fruit and juices you have on hand.

You'll need:

2 ounces gin

1 ounce cherry brandy

6 ounces lemonade of sweet and sour mix

1 ounce grenadine

Fresh fruit

Pour the grenadine into a large glass.

Add ice, gin, brandy and lemonade.

Top with a little soda water if you want fizz.

Add any fresh fruit like lemons, limes, pineapple etc into the drink and as a garnish.


#2 Cosmopoitan

This drink is part of the martini family.

The cranberry juice gives it a wonderful sweet/tangy flavor.

You"ll need:

2 ounces vodka

3/4 ounce triple sec or cointreau

1 once lime juice

4 ounces cranberry juice

lime wedge

Combine vodka, triple sec, lime juice, and cranberry juice with ice in a cocktail shaker.

Shake vigorously and strain into glass. Garnish with slice of lime.

Champagne Cocktail
Champagne Cocktail

#1 Champagne Cocktail

We couldn't let a list of best drinks for women go by without champagne!


You'll need:

6 ounces champagne

1 ounce brandy

1 sugar cube

3 dashes angnostura bitters

Orange slice

Marichino cherry

Put the the sugar cube in a tall champagne flute.

Add bitters and then brandy.

Top with champagne and watch the fizz.

Garnish with cherry and orange slice.

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