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The Big Cook Review

Updated on July 13, 2014

Stock Up On Meals

If you have one to three friends who can cook and follow instructions, you can spend a day cooking up to 200 meals to divide between you.

The Big Cook gives the cook of the family the opportunity to stockpile nutritious meals so she (or he) can spend more time with the family or have some much needed down time.

No more staring into the chilly abyss of the fridge, wondering what to throw together at the last minute; or worse, loading everyone up in the car to eat out.

My Review

The Plan

Basically, The Big Cook details how to have an eight hour Saturday cook-off from their collection of tested and approved recipes. The Big Cook recommends a maximum of four, including yourself (the book also works for one cook). You can have 200 meals between you, and all ready to store in freezer in resealable freezer bags. The appendix in the back gives a sample four friend cook off, complete with grocery list, to get foodie cooks through the first attempt.

The Big Cooks

The Big Cook is the shared love child of three professional moms: Deanna Siemens, BScN, a mother of three; Lorelei Thomas, B. Ed, M.Ed, a mother of four; and Joanne Smith, B.Sc.H.Ec, RD, a mother of four. With this book, they have proven that you can lead a busy life and still put good food on the table for the family.

The Recipes

The Big Cook contains 24 beef recipes, 33 chicken recipes and 16 pork recipes. The easy to read instructions provide an ingredient breakdown for 1 meal, 4 meal, 6 meal or 8 meal with one meal feeding 4 - 6 people. A smaller family just means the opportunity for lunch leftovers. My only complaint is that I would have liked a section on meatless dishes.

The book is divided into three easy to read sections based on main meat ingredient. Each recipe offers methods for preparation, hints and serving suggestions. The last appendix gives a nutritional breakdown of calories, fat, sodium, carbs and protein. And it has a coil center so the book will open flat.

I highly recommend The Big Cook. It saves time, it saves money and most of all it saves the hassle of what to cook. If you have a big family, a large freezer for storage and are looking for nutritional no fuss recipes then you must add this book to your recipe cupboard. You may never use another book again. And, $1 from each book sale will be donated to "Food for the Hungry" and "World Compassion".

Get the Big Cook Book

The Big Cook can be ordered from the official Big Cook website.

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