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The Bodum French Press Coffee Maker: Perfect for us

Updated on June 17, 2015
Bodum Coffee Press
Bodum Coffee Press | Source

Why we love the Bodum Chambord coffee press

I was going to say 'it's just our cup of tea', decided not to, but then changed my mind because this gorgeously-styled piece makes tea as well as coffee.

My love affair with cafetieres

I first owned a French press way back in the 80s. At that time, I'd just 'discovered' coffee. My parents always drank that horrible instant stuff which I hated and belatedly, I found out that real coffee is actually something completely different and that I could make it easily at home.

The French press versus the drip machine

I've experimented with various ways of making coffee over the years and when those drippy things came into being, I tried those too. But they weren't the same.

Later, along came the drinks that you could make using those little pre-packaged cup thingies. That was a great machine for the office because everyone could make their own different drinks but the coffee was never good enough as regards quality for me. (Am I a coffee snob? Maybe...)

So, why do we love it?

Lots of reasons but here are the main ones:

  • This is a pretty obvious remark I know, but it makes the best coffee. One reason is because there are no other items to get in the way of your perfect coffee flavor
  • For instance, no matter how 'recycled' they might claim to be, those paper filters drive me nuts and not just because I resent paying for them. I'm convinced that the more substances the water has to travel through,the more it will ultimately affect the flavor of your drink
  • For the same reason, I love the fact that the carafe is made of glass. There's no plastic to give your drink a dodgy flavor and even more important, no weird chemicals to seep into your drink. I dread to think what weird chemicals we've imbibed over the years
  • It doesn't use electricity. Sure, you have to boil the kettle but we have a zappy, quick-boiling version (see below) and I like the fact that it only uses seconds-worth of power to make coffee rather than minutes
  • Because it doesn't plug in, we can use it directly at the dining table or take it outside onto the patio. It's a gorgeously-styled piece and looks elegant
  • It cleans easily. We don't have a dishwasher but I'm assured that it is dishwasher safe. We just plunge all the parts into warm soapy water, rinse them off and leave them to dry. It takes only seconds.
  • The Bodum Chambord offers a way to make delicious coffee that seems to be much more planet-friendly than any other device

That all-important Bodum styling

We've loved their products for years.

We use drinking glasses made by this company when it's wine time and use their tea infusers too.

I wrote about them here.

Capresso 259 H2O Plus Glass Water Kettle, Polished Chrome
Capresso 259 H2O Plus Glass Water Kettle, Polished Chrome

We have had this kettle for years and love it. It boils water really quickly and I love the way it looks too. I like to see the water boiling. If I don't need absolutely boiling water I can switch it off when the bubbles appear. It makes the old style seem so old fashioned. This gets great reviews at Amazon and I'm surprised that one or two are negative because we've loved - and used - this for years.

Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill (100g)
Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill (100g)

At one time in our 'coffee career' we had an electric grinder. (We always grind the beans at home) and the thing used to frighten the life out of me. If himself suddenly started to grind beans without warning me, the noise used to make me jump out of my skin. He found this grinder and the household has been much more peaceful ever since.


A useful video

A useful video demonstrating the coffee press

The two guys in the video below do seem to ramble on quite a lot but you can see the French press in action. It's actually a lot simpler to make wonderful coffee than they make it appear but at least you can see this wonderful product in action.

© 2013 Jackie Jackson


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    • sousababy profile image


      4 years ago

      I love my Bodum and I highly recommend this product for any coffee lover (you can take it anywhere - even camping).

    • bikerministry profile image


      4 years ago

      Such a treat, a coffee press. Especially good on those lazy mornings watching the snow flurries fly. Great review.


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