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Tim Hortons Coffee: A Canadian Obsession

Updated on November 10, 2012

The Love Affair With Tim Hortons Coffee Is Now Worldwide

Tim Hortons coffee and coffee shops have been a Canadian obsession since 1964, when the first shop opened opened up in Hamilton, Ontario. Ask any Canadian. To try Tim Hortons coffee is to like it or more properly LOVE it. It seems that we can't get enough of the stuff. This insatiable appetite for our daily 'Timmys' has seen the coffee shop chain expand to over 4,000 restaurants worldwide. Although over 75% of Tim Hortons coffee shops can be found in Canada, since 1984 this Canadian obsession has established itself as a daily staple in 9 U.S. states that now collectively boast over 700 restaurants of their own.

Taking a moment to enjoy a Tim Hortons coffee break
Taking a moment to enjoy a Tim Hortons coffee break

Tim Hortons Coffee At Work Or At Home

Tim Hortons Coffee has become such a Canadian obsession that it is no longer enough to just be able to purchase it at the coffee shop. It is now finding its way into our kitchens. U.S. and international tourists visiting Canada can load up on it at the Duty Free Shops if they can't get it at home. Canadians like to have a supply of it just in case they get snowed in or simply want to enjoy a convenient cup of Tim Hortons coffee and conversation around the kitchen table. Die hard Tim Horton coffee addicted relatives are always anxious to send the gift of coffee to relatives and friends that wonder what all the fuss is about.

Many of us are so hooked on our 'Timmy's' that urban myths abound as to what else they might be putting in it to fire the Canadian obsession with coffee. Rest assured, the only thing that goes into Tim Hortons coffee is a great blend of quality coffee beans.

More Than Just Coffee

Over the years, Tim Hortons has added a variety of other hot beverage products to their line. Flavoured Tim Horton coffees are all the rage and give us 'Timmy' addicts a variety of ways to get our favourite beverage fix.

Tim Hortons Coffee Brewers

Tim Horton
Tim Horton

Who Was Tim Horton?

Tim Horton was born in the northern Ontario town of Cochrane of a frigid January day in 1930. Like so many other Canadian children, hockey was in his blood and by the time he was nineteen, he was playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. His hockey career saw him play defenceman briefly for the New York Rangers and the Pittsburgh Penguins. He was a Buffalo Sabre when Tim Hortons coffee shops first became a reality. During Hortons notable career, he was awarded the J.P. Bickell Memorial Cup for his exempliary contribution to the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club.

Having the foresight to plan for his inevitable retirement from professional hockey, Tim Horton opened his first coffee shop in Hamilton, Ontario. Tragically, he would never live to see the success of retirement dream. On February 21, 1974, Tim Horton lost his life in a car accident, travelling from a hockey game at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto to Buffalo, NY.

By this time, his namesake Tim Hortons coffee shops totalled 40.

Sports Memorabilia For Tim Horton Fans

Be it the love of hockey or the love of Tim Hortons coffee, Tim Horton sports memorabilia continues to be a hot collectible. There is even a Tim Horton Museum dedicated to his career in his hometown of Cochrane, Ontario.

Tim Horton Bumper Sticker Slogan
Tim Horton Bumper Sticker Slogan

Gifts For The Tim Hortons Coffee Lover

Come on, admit it! The true Tim Horton Coffee Lovers not only know what the phrase 'double double' means but they probably have at least one Tim Horton souvenir at their fingertips. Along with 'Timmy' gift cards, I once gave Tim Horton's bumper stickers out as Christmas gifts to all my coffee obsessed friends. Their travel mugs are a common sight in cars and Tim Horton Christmas ornaments make a nice addition to any gift.

What Do You Take In Your Timmy's?

Weigh In On Your Tim Horton Coffee Preference

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    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 3 years ago from Canada

      I agree, we definitely love our Tim Hortons, though I don't drink coffee so I'll take steeped tea instead, thank you.

    • profile image

      othellos 4 years ago

      I heard so much about this coffee brand and I'm surprise with myself who let it pass by. Maybe it's time for Tim Horton to make a step forward and come to Europe? Just a thought:=)

    • Niagara Ghosts profile image

      Niagara Ghosts 5 years ago

      @anonymous: You must try it someday! It's popularity is spreading throughout the world now but we Canadians really do proudly see it as a Canadian obsession:-)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I've heard of the coffee, but have not tried it yet. I love good coffee! :)