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The Can't Cook Book: 100 Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified!

Updated on November 7, 2013

I had to get Jessica Seinfeld's new cook book because although I am starting to be a bit braver in the kitchen, I also seem to be starting a Celebrity cookbook collection! This fits nicely beside my favourite Italian cookery book by Alan Alda's parents Robert and Flora; '99 Ways To Cook Pasta' (best marinara ever), and one of Gwyneth's: 'My Father's Daughter'.

I think I received my very first cook book when I was about ten, it was a Betty Crocker sort of thing, and later in Home Economics in high school, we were taught to always strictly follow recipes. Although my experimentation came when as a young mother, I had to discover substitutions for ingredients I didn't have, that was the extent of it, and somewhere in the back of my mind I had it drilled into me to always follow what was written.

Well, I am a little less ridged these days and this book is going a long way to giving me a bit more confidence in the kitchen. I also love that her recipes are so fast and easy to put together with glowing results, this also goes far in buffing up my cooking ego!

Now far be it from me to throw any men vs women argument in here, especially because my husband is a great and adventurous cook, but if you perhaps have a teenage son, or young person off at school, in a first apartment, just married or just starting to be interested in cooking, this would be my #1 suggestion for a go-to book. Jessica is unpretentious and clear, you can see for yourself because 'The Can't Cook Book; 100 Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified' also comes with it's own how-to videos; so basically you have Jess in the kitchen with you - easy peasy!

Check out more of Jessica's books here, they're all really wonderful and really well written and easy to read from.

Everybody can and should learn to cook.


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