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The Delicious Refreshment of Organic Loose Tea

Updated on December 7, 2012

Health Benefits of Organic Loose Tea

In many cultures drinking a cup of tea symbolizes comfort, hospitality, friendship, and most of all, a welcome break for refreshment.

Choosing an organic loose tea when you brew your beverage will provide a variety of choices along with the freshest, most delicious cup of tea possible.

Tea provides anti-oxidants called "flavonoids" which help the body fight damage from free radicals. Additionally, drinking organic loose tea that has not been sprayed with pesticides is the best choice for health reasons.

Green Tea
Green Tea

Varieties of Organic Loose Tea

Many of us grew up in households where there was only one kind of tea available, a black caffeinated tea in teabag form. Today we have many choices in varieties of organic loose tea, enough to please every taste and to provide healthful benefits to the tea drinker.

Black Tea: Black organic loose leaf tea is actually fermented by the action of microorganisms on the leaves over the course of several months. Despite its dark color, it is gentle to the system and has a distinctive flavor and aroma that appeals to many tea drinkers.

Green Tea: The green varieties of organic loose tea are recommended as a healthful beverage for people of all ages. Green tea leaves are usually prevented from fermenting after being picked. Green tea leaves maintain a high content of nutrients, sweetness and aromatic flavor when brewed.

White Tea: White organic loose tea is made from tender young leaf buds coated with downy hairs. White tea leaf buds must be handled carefully because of their delicacy. White tea leaves are not heated and they are fermented slightly more than green. White tea has a very high level of anti-oxidants and maintains a fruity taste and aroma through multiple brews.

Tea With Lemon
Tea With Lemon

Tips And Variations

For best flavor and nutrition, remember to use water heated to just below the boiling point when you brew your organic loose tea.

Additional condiments such as honey, sugar, lemon, and milk may be added to the brewed tea to enhance enjoyment.

You may also enjoy drinking your brewed organic loose tea in attractive cups or mugs that help you enjoy the break in your daily routine.

Video: Tea Plantation


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    • Anime-e profile image

      Anime-e 5 years ago

      Having a good tea cup is so perfect for these organic tea times!

    • profile image

      JoshK47 6 years ago

      I love a good cup of tea - great lens! :)