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The easiest coffeemaker ever (plus it makes great coffee)

Updated on May 28, 2015

A real life saver!

Man is this thing a life saver. I must have brewed a hundred cups of coffee on this thing using the K-cups (which are super convenient and easy to find), and which brew just about perfect coffee every single time. I don't know about you, but when I wake up first thing in the morning, the last thing I want to do is fumble around with a clunky coffee pot trying to measure out grounds of coffee (or, god forbid, actually grind beans myself- no thanks!), then measure water, then wait 10 minutes for coffee to brew.

This Keurig device makes life super easy. You can put several servings of water in there in advance, then just grab a K-cup and put it in the hatch. The rest is taken care of by the press of a button. Couldn't be easier! The phrase "hassle free" and the word "coffee" definitely go hand in hand, and that is a huge plus if you're in a hurry, needless to say.



There's a ton of options as far as coffee goes, too (just check out the link above for Amazon possibilities). I was skeptical when my friend bought one of these a few years ago because I didn't realize there were so many coffee options (and I'm not a fan of flavored coffee by any stretch, but there are lots of these options too). I also wanted to let him be the guinea pig to see if the machine worked out well. Sure enough, a few years later, here I am with my own single serve coffee maker, which my business uses on a regular basis.

Sometimes I'll make a "tall" mug of coffee and get a regular strength, regular flavored coffee. Other times I opt for the espresso setting, making the coffee far more intense (and considerably less watered down). I like having the freedom to select how I want my coffee, but without too much extra confusing buttonage (I kind of just made that word up).

The Keurig: variety abounds

Travel or business meetings

We used to go on the road nearly every weekend with the tournament circuit, and a must have for running events was to drink coffee throughout the day. As a result, we'd go to Starbucks and get one (or sometimes two) of their "travelers", essentially a box of coffee and fixin's. The travelers did the job, but for one thing, they were super expensive (around $20 each) and for another thing, it meant an entirely separate trip to Starbucks for no good reason. Well, okay, caffeine is a pretty good reason, so I take that part back.

Anyway, now we don't have to make this special trip and spend $20-$40 every time we meet or run a tournament. Instead, the Keurig provides us with extremely fresh coffee, the flavor we want, at the time we want it. We do have to purchase "mini moos" creamers, or just drop by a Wawa or what have you and pick up half and half, but that's not such a big deal (especially as we typically already get gas and ice).

Individual K-cups



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