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A Romantic Picnic

Updated on August 30, 2017

How To Enjoy A Romantic Picnic

I remember the first time my partner took me for a picnic.

when we were dating. It was in the morning, one sunny summer day. He brought coffee, croissants and some other food, and we walked off into the green countryside, with the dog, carrying our picnic. We found a perfect spot on a hill overlooking the valley, where we settled down to enjoy our picnic in the sun. These are fond memories for me of an enjoyable and romantic day. Picnic can also make a perfect summer date!

I have always loved picnic. Eating outside is such a novelty and picnic food can be delicious! Enjoying the sun, nature and delicious food with someone you love. What a treat! So in this lens I share with you how to create a perfect romantic picnic.

(Image courtesy of 'Photostock' -

Is Al Fresco Romantic? - Outdoor Picnic Dates.

Would you enjoy a romantic picnic?


Laura Ashley Heart Shaped Picnic Basket

This wicker heart shaped picnic basket is just too cute. PERFECT for the romantic picnic time and time again. This is a good quality lined basket made by Laura Ashley and includes the picnic crockery. Also contains a bottle opener and wine cooler.

Picnic Baskets / Picnic Hampers

You need something to transport your picnic in. What could be more romantic than a traditional wicker picnic basket! They make me think of a couple from the 50's, sitting on the bank of a river on a sunny day sharing a picnic from a wicker pic-nic hamper. You can pack your picnic food safely and also bring the plastic crockery, cutlery and glasses you will need to enjoy your picnic. Here you see a choice of picnic baskets, some with all the crockery and bits included, and one which is plainer for the budget conscious. There is also a cooler picnic hamper which keeps your food cool for hot summer days. This is especially good if you are out for a long time, or you have high risk food such as meat and rice, that needs to be kept cool.

Picnic Time Windsor Picnic Basket Service for 4

Picnic Time Barrel Picnic Basket Service for 2

Rectangular Chip Picnic Basket

Picnic Time Chardonnay Basket with Wine Service for Two

Picnic at Ascot Eco Picnic Cooler for 2

Piccadilly Willow Picnic Basket


All In One Picnic Travel Backpack Plates Cutlery Set

Want something a bit more practical to transport your pic-nic in? How about this rucksack picnic basket It is ideal if you are doing something a bit more active such as hiking, mountain climbing or cycling, because it is easier to carry. It just goes on your back exactly like a norma rucksack and you can carry your picnic inside.

Pic-nic Places

The perfect setting for your picnic.

If you have not had many pic-nics before you may wonder where you can go to have a picnic. Well the options are limitless. I would suggest anywhere that is beautiful and relaxing would be a good start. You can choose from woods, fields, on the beach or in your garden. If you are in a city there are usually parks or green areas. Or why not grab a couple of bikes and head out of town? There are a few things to consider though before you head out for your picnic.

You are not allowed to picnic everywhere - We normally take a walk down a country footpath and then find a suitable field on route to have our picnic. However be aware that some public footpaths do go through private property, so you can't just wander off into any field you see, you might be trespassing! You are probably OK to sit on the side of most public footpaths, or look for a clearing on route in a field or wood, however make sure you check the rules of the particular place you are walking if they have any displayed. Some woods for example are privately owned and prohibit picnics. However they will normally display a board detailing this info in the car park. If you are in a more rural area you are unlikely to experience this. If in doubt you can look up footpaths and woods/beauty spots that have designated pic-nic areas. These are usually clearly sign posted and often marked on maps. You can also get information from the local tourist information center.

Wooded areas and the edge of lakes can be beautiful settings for a picnic, however be aware that during the summer these areas can be prone to bugs, flies and mosquitoes. You can still have your picnic there, it's just something to be aware of. Apply mosquito repellant before you go and have a backup plan, just in case. A picnic can be totally ruined by a swarm of mossies or flies!

(image courtesy of 'Evgeni Dinev' -

Picnic Blankets and Picnic Crockery

Perfect For Cosying Up On Your Romantic Picnic!

When you go on your picnic you will need to take a blanket to sit on. Sitting on the ground or grass without a blanket or pad is just really uncomfortable! These three picnic blankets are waterproof, meaning that it won't matter if the grass is damp. The grey striped one has GREAT reviews saying that it is so easy to wipe off and also soft to sit! The Coleman one actually converts into a poncho, making it ideal for the cooler summer evenings for when you want to snuggle together and watch the sun go down! All of the blankets fold away to make them easy to carry and store.

Here you will also see a complete enamel picnic set, although this is a little heavier so not ideal if you are walking long distances. The Amarican pic-nic set is a lot lighter and easy to transport, as are the light plastic blue picnic snack divided plates.

REMEMBER - Most of the picnic baskets displayed above come with the crockery and cutlery included, so you will only need to buy them if you are using a basket that doesn't include them already.

JJ Cole Essentials Blanket

Coleman All Outdoors 3-In-1 Blanket Roadtrip (Colors May Vary)

Water Resistant Picnic Blanket

Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware Set Royal Blue

"What Is It?" Reusable White Melamine Dinner Plates (With Ants) & Cups for 6 People All American Classic Picnic Set

B & R Plastics PP144D 10-1/2" Divided Picnic Plate Assorted


Picnic Time Estate Insulated Wine Tote with Service for two

Why not share a bottle of wine with your loved one on your romantic picnic.

If you have tried to take a bottle of wine on a picnic before you know how cumbersome this can be. It's awkward to carry and you worry the bottle will smash, plus it's not ideal to bring glasses so you have to buy plastic cups. And there is nothing romantic about drinking wine from cheap plastic cups!

This case solves all that. It provides an easy way to transport your wine and serve it in style. It includes the space for the wine bottle and a separate compartment for the plastic wine glasses, plus a bottle opener. The padding helps to protect the bottle and keep it cool if it is white wine. Can also be used for bottles of soft drink.


Seductive Tables For Two: Tablescapes Picnics and Recipes That Inspire Romance [Hardcover]

Need a little inspiration for your romantic picnic? This book is full of recipe ideas and tips to help you make your picnic extra special. The author is inspirational and the meal ideas are affordable. It's a great little book.

Mosquito Repellent For Your Picnic

Sometimes in the warmer weather the mosquitoes become a real pain. And there is nothing less romantic, and more sure to spoil your picnic than a swarm of these little blood suckers. This is especially important to bear in mind if you are having your picnic in the evening, or in a wooded area.

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent, 4-Ounce Pump Spray
Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent, 4-Ounce Pump Spray

Personally I prefer natural mosquito repellents, I don't like putting chemicals on my skin!

All Terrain Herbal Armor Spray, 4 oz
All Terrain Herbal Armor Spray, 4 oz

DEET is a powerful chemical in some mosquito repellents, and this one is DEET free.



Amazon Lights New All-Natural Insect Repellent Outdoor Garden Incense Sticks - Set of 12 With 2.5 Hours Burn Time

This is a lovely way to keep the mosquitoes away. Basically these are like giant incense sticks that burn to keep away the mossys. They are completely natural and use a gorgeous smelling blend of oils, citronella, thyme and rosemary, to deter the insects.

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Leave me a comment and tell me whether you enjoy picnics.

When was the last time you had a picnic?

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    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @geosum: Yes agreed. All of those options are enjoyable, especially if you are lucky enough to get some sunshine!

    • geosum profile image

      geosum 4 years ago

      It's great to get out and enjoy a picnic. The best substitute is eating outside on the deck or at a cafe.

    • profile image

      LUMOSE 4 years ago

      I love picnics

    • cire81 lm profile image

      cire81 lm 4 years ago

      I definitely enjoy picnics with my family. It is a perfect get together opportunity.

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @Jogalog: Oh I really hope so!

    • Jogalog profile image

      Jogalog 4 years ago

      Too long ago! Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to have some this summer.

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @sojourner-1: Hi Sojourner,

      That sounds nice too!


    • profile image

      sojourner-1 4 years ago

      I've been to a lot of picnics, only they are usually with a lot of people, family or friends.

    • GrimRascal profile image

      GrimRascal 4 years ago from Overlord's Castle

      A had a picnic a long time ago like 2 years. I wish to have another one soon.