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The Restaurant Critic

Updated on October 4, 2014

Remo's Umhlanga Rocks

Italian Restaurant situated in the heart of the Umhlanga village.

This restaurant has just opened and it lights up the entire village with the bright red canopy and window sille styled flower boxes that you can spot from the road.

Before you even enter the restaurant there is an old style Italian deli that looks like it's been imported from an old school Italian deli in New York.

You can buy homemade pasta, bread, antipasti items and Italian cold drinks in there. It looks so beautiful that you can't help but buy something.

You are greeted by a vesper parked on the curb and a friendly hostess that guides you to your table.

The interior is filled with black and white family portraits and two statuettes at either end of the very colourful and classy bar.

The attention to detail is incredible and nothing has been overlooked.

It has an outside deck with a fountain to compliment the true feeling of Europe and whilst sitting there you are taken directly to Italy for the experience.

The Service

I am an extremely fussy customer and coming from the restaurant industry has made me very critical but at Remo's the service is flawless and you are greeted and seated immediately. The waiters are very friendly and efficient and the speed of the drinks are almost instant.

The staff are aware of specials and they know their menu which helps with recommendations on what to eat.

You can see that they have been trained well and it makes for a pleasant experience.

The Food

I had a cappuccino and it is made the proper way and it should be as the barrista was sent to Italy to learn how to do it!

There are many options on the menu and the prices are not reasonable but good food you do not mind paying for.

I had an antipasto misti which consists of persciutto, mortadella, salami, peppers, caramalised onions and gherkin accompanied by three mini ciabatta pieces. It is great for a light lunch and everything was fresh.

Foccaccia is affordable and very tasty. They did not overdo the herbs as most people do and the base was thin and crispy which would invite me back to try the pizza.

My brother had a pasta and it was aldente with a sauce that tasted authentic!

The experience was so fantastic, the food delicious and fresh and the ambiance so comfortable that we decided to make this a regular venue.

The Experience

We did return a few times and each time I ordered the same thing and unfortunately it was just not consistent. When the manager came to our table he did explain that items had changed according to food costings but the foccacia was so dry for the second time and the pasta sauce was not as tasty as the first week. It was as if they had changed the kitchen staff within the space of a week and to me consistency is key!

I would still recommend giving it a try but this is unfortunately not going to be my regular dining haunt.


3 stars for Remo's


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