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The ultimate cream soup recipe

Updated on January 27, 2014

Blended soups for everyone

Once upon a time I thought cream soups were posh and sophisticated, and somehow, in my mind, this equalled difficult. Let me share with you a very simple discovery I've made. It changed the soup-making part of my cookery forever. Now I know - cream soups are the easiest, quickest, cheapest and most versatile dishes you can make. How? Read on.

Photo by Tiggered

tomato cream soup public domain
tomato cream soup public domain

10 reasons why cream soups rule

1. You can drink it out of a mug. Or pour into a thermos flask and drink outside when still hot.

2. You don't need to chop your veg too finely - they will end up blended anyway.

3. There is nothing like a stomach full of warm mush to make you feel all cozy and comfortable.

4. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare. OK, you need another 30 for cooking, but you can sit back and enjoy while your soup makes itself.

5. You can make it out of almost anything.

6. It looks sooo pretty on a plate, especially with some cream swirls or croutons.

7. Feel like a snack? Get some soup instead of crisps! See how many calories you just didn't eat?

8. You can drink it through a straw!

9. Believe me or not, it's one of the best hangover cures I've ever came across.

10. It's a great way to utilize excess produce if you're suffering from harvest overabundance (see my Zucchini Nightmares lens for more)

Photo source

Cream soup - is this your thing?

What do you think of cream soups?

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cream soup public domain
cream soup public domain

The basic recipe

It couldn't be easier. Really.

1. Slice two onions. Fry until golden.

2. Peel and cube two potatoes, add to a pot full of boiling stock (long live stock cubes!).

3. Add whatever you want to be the main ingredient of your soup, sliced.

4. Add the onions.

5. Season to taste.

6. Boil until ingredients are cooked.

7. Blend.

8. Serve.

Photo source

Even more soup recipes

tomato cream soup public domain
tomato cream soup public domain

20 ideas for a cream soup

1. Zucchini - always good. Personal experience tells me that adding some chili flakes makes it even better.

2. Carrot & coriander - coriander is not compulsory. Adding something spicy would be worth a try - or is it just me?

3. Butternut squash - any other pumpkin works, too.

4. Green peas & mint - for the Earth's Day celebration or Paddy's Day.

5. Potato & leek - I'm not a big fan of leeks, but even I had to admit that in this combination it's delicious!

6. Cauliflower - you may want to add few carrots to enliven colour a bit. Otherwise - rocks!

7. Broccoli - another green one. Delicious.

8. String beans - do I seem like a particular fan of green soups now? Coincidence!!!

9. Beans - it takes longer to cook if starting with dry beans. Add lots and lots of marjoram and garnish with fried bacon cubes.

10. Split peas - see above.

11. Potato - increase your potato quantity sky high. Season well. Serve with sausage.

12. Chicken & veg - a fantastic way to get rid of leftover cooked chicken.

13. Tomato - sieve tomatoes before adding to the soup to get rid of skin and seed. Easy on potatoes with this one. You DO know that tomatoes love basil, don't you?

14. Lentils - for the taste of Marrakesh. Goes well with a pinch of curry.

15. Beetroot - not your classic borscht, but still worth trying.

16. Mushroom - this one should get a special section (but it won't, nasty me). Button mushrooms are your safest bet, but if you know how to pick the wild ones, you're in for a treat.

17. Sorrel - and you can pick it straight off a meadow. For free.

18. Suede - must be the cheapest soup there is.

19. Spinach - go greens! And it's sooo good for you.

20. Sweet potato - this one likes touch of nutmeg or clove.

Photo source

strawberries public domain
strawberries public domain

Sweet tooth?

Why not turn your cream soup into a dessert? Obviously you skip potatoes and onions with this one... Just take whatever fruit you like, cook them quickly in some sweetened water and blend. You can also go a bit further from the original idea and skip the boiling bit completely. Just blend some raw fruit with sugar and serve on soup plates with a generous splash of whipped cream. Adding some yoghurt to the mixture wouldn't hurt, either. Serve chilled on hot days for the best effect.

Photo source

What do you think? Like it? Hate it? Have a cream soup recipe to share? Type away!

Your take on cream soups

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    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      7 years ago

      Love these ideas! And lets see, with your recipe you didn't even use cream?

    • annleecakes profile image

      Trulee Ann 

      7 years ago from Arkansas City, Kansas

      Great ideas!

      My Bob likes creamed soups over all others and I shall surprise him with some of your ideas. Thank you!


    • nuestraherencia profile image


      7 years ago

      I love soups. I want to try your recipe but "what kind of stock?" Chicken or beef?


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