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The Worlds Easiest (and best) Icecream Recipe (inc. Nutella Ripple!)

Updated on May 26, 2014

The worlds easiest (and best) Ice cream

I honestly can't remember where I got this amazing ice-cream recipe from. I usually get all my best recipes from my mother, but she swears blind that she has never made this delicious ice cream! I think I must have seen it (or something similar) on a cooking show on television once. All I know is I've been making it for years, and my wife loves it! It makes a great compliment to my Awesome Chocolate Stuff Recipe

This recipe really is sooo easy. Here's why:

NO churning needed

There are only TWO ingredients (plus flavouring)

It can be made in minutes the day before and then frozen.

All photos my own, unless otherwise stated

Photo credit: Nutella Ripple by Yours Truly

The Icecream recipe that just keeps on giving! - This is several recipe ideas in one!

OK, so this recipe is for the base of the awesome ice-cream, but I am such a generous lensmaster that I want to share a few other variations of this icecream that I have made in the past also lol. So below you find instructions on how to make the following variant (or should that be deviant?!) icecreams,

  • Vanilla (the missionary position of icecreams)
  • Nanachochoc (banana and dark chocolate)
  • Strawberry with strawberry pieces
  • Nutella ripple

The ice cream essentials

IMUSA USA IMU-73042 Ice Cream Scoop with Woodlook Handle
IMUSA USA IMU-73042 Ice Cream Scoop with Woodlook Handle

I love the ergonomic handle on this beautiful stainless steel ice cream scoop. ps. As this recipe doen't have any of the additives that comercial soft-scoop ice creams have you need a good quality scoop.

WMF Manaos / Bistro Ice Cream Spoon, Set of 4
WMF Manaos / Bistro Ice Cream Spoon, Set of 4

The thing I love about long handled ice cream spoons is its dead easy to feed ice cream to your date - I know I'm an old romantic!

Ice Cream Soda / Knickerbocker Glory Glass
Ice Cream Soda / Knickerbocker Glory Glass

So nostalgic. Gotta love a nice glass nickerbocker glory glass!

Photo credit Liliana Fuchs
Photo credit Liliana Fuchs

I'll take you through the basic set up for this really easy ice cream recipe here, before taking you through a few suggestions later on. This really is soooooo simple anyone can do it!

This is a really simple no churn/beat ice cream. That means once you've mixed the recipe you can put it straight in the freezer and forget about it overnight (or throughout the day whilst you're at work), until your dinner in the evening.

Cook Time

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: over night

Serves: Me


  • 1/2 a tin of sweetened condensed milk
  • 500 ml of double cream/heavy cream
  • Vanilla pod (or other flavouring)


  1. Beat/whisk the double/heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk until quite stiff.
  2. At this point you would add your desired flavouring(s)...
  3. Place in freezable container
  4. Place lid on said freezable container or cover with cling film
  5. Whack in the freezer overnight.
  6. Yup that's it folks!
  7. Here's the sciencey bit, so concentrate
  8. The sugar in the sweetened condensed milk lowers the freezing point of the mixture, effectively acting as a natural antifreeze. This means that the fat in the cream and condensed milk will increase in viscosity, but the water doesn't quite freeze, resulting in a lusciously smooth almost chewy ice cream with NO ice crystals,
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Vanilla Variant icecream

..or do I mean deviant?

To be honest I also start by adding vanilla for the Nutella Ripple variant as well.

I like to use a good quality Madagascan vanilla pod. Its important to source it ethically and responsibly though. Buy Fair Trade sourced from a renewable source.

This is one of those as much as you like kind of recipes really. Personally I find that this recipe can take an astonishing amount of flavour, so I use one whole vanilla pod for one batch.


Simply split the pod in half length ways, and strip out the seeds with a knife.

Add the seeds to the mixture at the time stated above. Watch out as the seeds tend to stick together, so make sure you've mixed them in well.

That's it really. Like I said, really simple!

I find that when your dinner guests see the vanilla seeds in the ice cream they tend to remark that it's 'posh', much to my amusement! ;)

Vanilla Pods and Knives - What you need and what you need to do it with..

Premium Madagascar Vanilla Beans 1/4 lb (26-30 beans) JR Mushrooms Brand
Premium Madagascar Vanilla Beans 1/4 lb (26-30 beans) JR Mushrooms Brand

Ok, so there's quite a few in the packet, but kept correctly they will last, and this is very good value for money!

Saber Knives Fully Forged German Steel 3.5-Inch Paring Knife
Saber Knives Fully Forged German Steel 3.5-Inch Paring Knife

A great little kitchen knife. Its always worth investing in quality.


Nanachochoc Variant Ice Cream

Delicious Banana and Chocolate Ice Cream

There are two ways I have made this recipe in the past.

Method 1

At the ingredients adding stage simply add some vanilla as the recipe above, but then add chopped dried banana chips and proprietary dark chocolate ice cream sauce.

I quite lick this variation as the texture of the chopped banana gives a whole different dimension to the ice cream.

Method 2

Simply mash a banana or two and beat it into the mixture, then carefully fold in the chocolate sauce. In this variant I didn't add any vanilla. Personally I think it could have done with two bananas.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Space Food Ice Cream

This recipe uses freeze dried strawberries. Whenever I see freeze dried strawberries I always think of astronauts as someone once told me that all food astronauts take with them into space has to be freeze dried to save on weight. Hence I gave this dish the nickname Space Food Ice Cream


When it comes to add the flavouring add some proprietary strawberry flavoured ice cream sauce and beat well into the mixture. I find that less is more with the strawberries. I then add the chopped freeze dried strawberries and carefully fold into the mixture before transferring to the freezer safe container.

The freeze dried strawberries will take some of the moisture from the mixture and soften as the ice cream sets. The flavour is quite strong though.

Special Note

I recently tried this with just frozen strawberries, and it works well, although the strawberries are a bit hard. I like to use Finnish strawberry varieties or even wild strawberries. Honestly, there,s nothing like them! They are amazing!

Nutella Variant Recipe

I would like to point out that this recipe is in no way endorsed by the good people at Nutella. I just love Nutella. I think its awesome, and so does my wife. In fact she eats it straight from the jar!! Of course you can try making it with your own favourite brand of hazelnut chocolate sandwich spread...

For this variation I warm the Nutella in the microwave with a little milk or cream, for just a few seconds. The idea is to soften the Nutella until its runny enough to mix as a ripple.

I then pour it in a swirling motion into the ice cream mixture and use a chopstick to make the elaborate swirls that make it so pretty.

Again pretty easy! :D

Nutella - Hazelnut Spread, CASE, (96 x .52 oz)) 96 COUNT
Nutella - Hazelnut Spread, CASE, (96 x .52 oz)) 96 COUNT

96, that should keep you going for a week or so, right?

Nutella and GO! Snack - Case of 12 - 52g
Nutella and GO! Snack - Case of 12 - 52g

I'm going to have to order some of these for my wife, the Nutellaholic!

Nutella Single Serving Packages (Pack of 120)
Nutella Single Serving Packages (Pack of 120)

So I'm not saying you SHOULD carry a stash of these around with you at all times, but it IS possible to...

Nutella Recipes: The Ultimate Collection of Over 50 Recipes
Nutella Recipes: The Ultimate Collection of Over 50 Recipes

If you loved this recipe you might just like some of these too!


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      ashleydpenn 3 years ago

      @Maggie42: Thanks for your comments, Maggie. :) I'm not a fan of coffee, so we will have to we'll have to agree to disagree on that one ;) ha ha. I do however like coconut, might have to give that one a try. I think it will work well with the texture. Thanks for the suggestion!

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      This is soooo simple the possibilities are endless on the flavors I'm not a big fan of nutella but Chocolate with coconut springs to mind or coffee ripple. Yum Thanks