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Why you Should use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Your Family's Healthier Choice

Updated on October 1, 2013

Nature in its purest form; pure/extra virgin olive oil, the food of the ancient Greek gods...

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Pure Virgin Olive Oil,commonly termed 'Liquid Gold', has many beneficial qualities...

We live in a modern day food jungle. A myriad of supermarkets, fast food outlets and the World Wide Web, in all its online shopping glory, have left us spoilt for food choice. Most consumers are governed by the economy and the leniency of their purse strings, so anything cheaper, irrespective of how good or bad, would just simply have to digest.

Countless recent surveys have revealed a marked increase in diseases that have resulted from poor diet and obesity. One sure way to go, according to German Dr Ernst Schneider, is the replacement of refined foods with its natural counterparts. An example of this would be pure virgin olive oil, which, according to Dr Schneider, is the only natural edible oil. According to Dr Schneider, all other oils, except pure virgin olive oil, are not obtained through cold processes but with potentially harmful chemicals. Schneider reveals that the non natural oils are light in color, and insipid due to the refining process. He defines refining as , “removing the oil’s aroma by applying steam, using bleaching agents to whiten them, making them less acidic by adding bleach and thickening them with hydrogen.” He adds that refining processes leads to an overt loss in value of the product. “Out of the nutritional product that was alive we obtain a simple, inert supplier of empty calories”.

Pure Virgin Olive Oil, better known as ‘liquid gold’ has, according to Schneider been conferred the name ‘king of all oils’ by world renowned food scientists such as Ralph Bircher, Paroli, Segovia de Arana and Balzli.

Not only has the purest oil in the world been noted as the tastiest by far by food critics, but it is also well known for its vital and abundant phytosterois. These are substances that block the intestinal absorption of cholesterol found in the food we so blissfully stuff into our bodies.

According to Schneider, who is also the author of the medical journal titled ‘Healthy by Nature’; the following are advantages of adding pure virgin olive oil to your shopping list:

* It has infection combating qualities.

* It is extremely beneficial for the liver and gall bladder.

* It helps excavate the intestines by increasing binary flow.

* It contains huge amounts of vitamin e.

* It prevents thrombosis.

* It improves thyroid gland functionality.

* It helps with carotene transformation and most importantly for all those who love their hearts,

* It prevents and helps cure cardio-circulatory ailments.

Funny how civilization has evolved from eating raw food, to refined food, only to find that au natural is better. So go on, make those healthier choices today and give yourself the gift of longevity, health and happiness.

How Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made...

© 2011 Melanie Fourie


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    • Melanie Fourie profile image

      Melanie Fourie 6 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Hi Thelma. Thanks so much for your feedback and the warm welcome to hubpages :-) I'm glad that you too are into healthier food choices, as some of the processed food we buy today are so ridden with harmful toxins; and ingesting raw/pure food is sometimes the best option.Looking forward to interacting with you and hope you go from strength to strength on this wonderful platform for writers (",)

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 6 years ago from Germany

      Great informative hub! Yes, I have heard about this olive oil, how healthy it is and the benefits that we get from using it. Since I heard about it a few years ago, I keep using it for my daily cooking. Thanks for sharing and welcome to hubpages.