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The most popular dishes of Arab

Updated on July 2, 2017



Al Kawashari is the most popular Egyptian dish. There is no city in Egypt without at least one restaurant for Kawashari. The secret of the spread of Kawasharilies is the excellent taste and the cheap price compared to other meals

The ingredients of Kawashari are very simple and in short all you can make of withe the ingredients that are found in your kitchen.
This is a little funny but it is the truth, the basic ingredients are rice and pasta, it prefer two kinds of pasta, and the rest inspired by your imagination like lentils and Black lentils, as well as hummus, peas and other legumes, and your choice is due to the taste you like.Finally, slices of fried onions and sauces are used to decorate the dish.

The first one who cooked the Kawashariwas a poor woman who collected the preserves of her food and collected them in one dish to feed her family, but she was surprised of the wonderful taste, so she transferred the recipe with her neighbors until the Kawashari became as it is now.

Al Kabssa

Al Kabssa

It is the most popular food in the Gulf Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.
If you are a fan of high-fat foods, it will be ideal for you.

The ingredients are very simple, it is only two basic ingredients. The first is the long-grain rice, the second is the lamb meat, and in the end some nuts, such as raisins and peanuts, are added to the dish.

The popularity of the kabsسa in the Arabian Gulf states is that the Arabs at first were working under the auspices of the sheep. The food they had was the lamb meat. The long grain rice was brought to them by the Indians who passed through them as they were going to East Asia.

Al Maskouf

Al Maskouf

The most popular dish in Iraq. It is the ideal food for those who love camping beside the rivers.
The first and last ingredient is newly caught fish.
It cuts from the side of the back along the fish until it reaches the top of the head, and then the fish's viscera opens and cleans and clears two or three openings in the skin of the fish to place the pegs.

The best type of fish prepared for Al Maskouf is Tilapia fish.

The popularity of this dish in Iraq is due to the presence of two rivers, the main source of wealth abundant fish in Iraq.

© 2017 Abdullah salama


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