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Three-Tier Oven Rack

Updated on December 6, 2014

With the holidays just around the corner wouldn't it be great if you could get double or even triple duty out of your oven? Well now you can with the Three-Tier Oven Rack!

Not only can you use this 3-tier oven rack for baking cookies but it will also work well for cooking a lot of heavy casseroles. Now you can make light work of a family dinner or bake a bunch of casseroles for entertaining or for putting away in the freezer for later.

Made of durable chrome-plated steel construction, it will fit most ovens and collapses flat for easy storage. How great is that! It will also accommodate bakeware up to four inches in height.

Now when oven space is at a premium (think Thanksgiving) this rack is going to save the day. Everything gets to the table on time and still hot! Not only can you cook everything at once, you don’t have to plan out what goes in the oven first. Set different timers for each item and you can add and subtract the food as you prepare the meal.

There are so many good reasons to use the 3-Tier Oven Rack. If you are having a large family gathering this is the perfect item to have in your kitchen. The heavy metal shelves are easy to put together and it is strong enough to hold a heavy pie plate, baking dish and casserole. Not only will you be able to cook your turkey or roast, you will be able to do all the side dishes and dessert as well!

Betty Crocker 3-tier Cooling Rack
Betty Crocker 3-tier Cooling Rack

Just the right thing for cooling your baked goods or homemade pizza. In fact it can accommodate up to three medium sized pizzas or large loaves of bread. As well, it folds up for easy storage. Another idea is to use it to save space in a small kitchen. When making lunches for the kids, just add everything you need on the rack. Makes for a fast and efficient way to do the job!


Nifty 3 In 1 Baking Rack

Make More Space in the Oven!

Three-Tier Oven Rack
Three-Tier Oven Rack


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