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Tips and Recipes for easy Homemade Soups

Updated on July 10, 2013

Soup Recipes

What could more comforting on cold days, than homemade soup? You can buy soup ready made from the supermarket, as well as canned, or dehydrated soup, but it is never as tasty as soup made in your own kitchen and, when you make soup yourself you know exactly what it contains. You can make soup from all types of vegetables, meat, poultry or fish. You can even make soup from leftovers.

Do not throw away that chicken carcass, or the bone from the Sunday joint, boil it with some water, herbs and a roughly chopped onion, and a carrot, if you happen to have one. Simmer in a large saucepan for an hour and a half. Strain it and throw the bones and vegetables away. You can either freeze the stock at this stage or use it as the basis of a soup. You can also buy a bone or a poultry or duck carcass from the butcher and use that to make soup.

Add whatever vegetables you happen to have, cooked, raw or canned, to the stock. Be careful with bitter vegetables, too much lettuce, for example, will give your soup a nasty bitter taste. Add diced raw potato or cooked potato to thicken to your family taste. Add spices or herbs to taste. If you want to, add a packet of dried soup, tin of condensed soup, milk, or whatever you happen to have. If you have any leftover stuffing, add that too, cut into pieces, plus any leftover roast meat that you have, diced. Cook until the vegetables are cooked checking and adjusting flavour to taste.

To make your soup heartier, add small pasta shapes, you can buy these loose in many supermarkets, dumplings, rice, pearl barley or beans. Serve your soup with chunks of crusty bread or croutons for a hearty meal.

Making vegetable soups could not be easier. For a tasty soup, take a squash, butter nut squash is particularly tasty. Peel, de-seed, and dice, into small pieces. Peel and dice one large potato or several small ones, peel and dice an onion. Sauté potato and squash in a little butter and olive oil, stirring all the time, for around eight minutes. A wok is a good idea to sauté your vegetables add the diced onion and sauté until the onion begins to soften. Add dried spices to taste, ginger, or curry powder, or paste, work well with butter nut squash, as does a little chilli powder, but add what your family likes. Add stock, or a mixture of stock and milk and cook until the vegetables are soft. Blend, process, or liquidize, put back into the pan, add a little milk, or cream, if your soup is too thick, or just if you like it, and heat. Check seasoning. Serve accompanied by chunks of crusty bread, croutons, or accompaniments to taste.

You can make most vegetable soups using this method.

Home made soups are so much tastier than those bought ready made. They are also economical and satisfying. A hearty soup can make an economical, but satisfying main course, which is so tasty, that even those with a tight budget feel they have had something truly luxurious.

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