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Tofu the Asian Cheese We Bought

Updated on December 7, 2009

During my international study five years ago, I proudly took my housemate to a big Asian Supermarket. She is also my classmate and friend who came from Bulgaria. With huge eyes she followed and asked about nearly everything she-has-not-seen curiously. We came to the air-conditioned section where imported fresh vegetables like green vegetable leaves, sweet beans, corn, chili, fruits to a bunch of range of tofu and tempeh were placed.

Then there she said “is that asian cheese?" while pointing, I busted out in laugh and explained her what tofu is. Well all-in-all it was not wrong while tofu is indeed comparable to western cheese. Tofu is made by coagulating soymilk (which is the product of soya bean) while cheese is made by coagulating milk protein from animals. Soymilk contains about the same proportion of cow’s milk.

There was one big open box where the ready-to-sale tofu was soaked in salt water. And there were the other ones already packed in their vacuum packaging. There were of different kinds. So I took some from the box and some from the shelf. Minutes later after I filled my shopping basket and thought that I may not want to carry more than that later around in and out the underground train, we headed to the cashier. My fellow friend was observing everything yet not trusting her instinct to buy anything yet before she tasted any of these exotic foods.

As soon as we passed the money and yet out of the shop, the following request she asked had caused a huge smile and giggle from me. “May I taste it now?”

I explained her that it is better to wait because normally we have to prepare the tofu first before eating it. Obviously she had never seen nor eaten tofu in Bulgaria. Here in Germany tofu is not so widely distributed. One cannot easily find it in normal supermarket nor in local restaurant. Its distributions are ranged between asian supermarket and asian restaurants. She can’t wait to go home and despite all of my warnings, she argued we can eat cheese uncooked so why not tofu, strong-minded she decided to pinch a corner of one tofu and started to evaluate. I noticed the change of her face mimic and I enjoyed it. It does not taste like cheese at all she complained, following my explanation she still could not believe it that it is a bit sour and has no intensive taste of its own. (laugh)

We came home and I prepared the tofu. Later on she was satisfied with how it tasted -- cooked with compromise :). She became a fan of tofu eversince and it was an unforgettable moment to be able to introduce tofu personally. Well this is our recipe I wrote below, if anyone interested. but no guarantee. :))

Easy Recipe Tofu-Egg in Tomato Cheese Sauce


250gr or 1 block firm Tofu, cut in dice

1 Onion diced

1 clove of Garlic: crushed or pressed

1-2 Eggs

1 tsp sunflower oil

1-2 tsp sweet soya sauce

½ tsp salty soya sauce

¼-½ cup of Tomato sauce

A bit of Salt and Pepper

Pizza-Cheese or Toast-Cheese, as favoured

Chili Powder, as favoured



1. Dry tofu with kitchen towel. Cut it in dices of 1.5cm. Put salt and pepper. Leave it for 10-15minutes.

2. Heat oil in frying pan. Use medium-low heat. Put in the diced tofu, fry until slightly brown but not until the skin become hard. It will take about 5-10minutes. Meanwhile you can turn the sides with spatula.

3. Beat eggs and mix it with the tofu.

4. Add sweet soya sauce and salty soya.

5. Mix onion and garlic.

6. Pour in the tomatoes sauce. Wait until the sauce become thick. Add a splash of water of it is too thick

7. Add chili powder if you like. Add cheese on surface as favoured.

8. Ready to serve with rice.

How to Make Tofu Yourself

For those who want to make tofu at home: here is an interesting video showing you step by step how to do it. Take a look and give a try.


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    • bekaze profile image

      bekaze 8 years ago from Germany

      thx for dropping by. yes indeed a funny experience. it was okay to let my friend tried it unprepared. i was worrying that she wouldnt want to eat the cooked one. but that was not the case. :)

    • agusfanani profile image

      agusfanani 8 years ago from Indonesia

      A funny experience. Tofu is actually made of cooked material (soya bean) so we can try it without prior cooking as long as it's clean of course (it seemed your housemate couldn't stand waiting,lol...)