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Top 10 Keurig K Cup Tea Flavors and Brewing Tips

Updated on February 6, 2017

I Love my Kuerig Brewer for making Tea!

I do love my Coffee in the mornings, but Tea hits the spot during other times of the day. With a Keurig brewer, it's as easy as can be to go from one beverage to another with a drop in of a K-Cup in what I still refer to as a "coffee maker". But it does make Tea and other beverages, too. In under a minute, no less.

How cool is that.

This is a listing of favorite Top 10 favorite Tea Flavors made especially for the Keurig. Since we Squidooers love our opinion polls (we get Points!), this article has several, so do have fun and share your thoughts.

Ready? Set. Brew Tea!

Love the Keurig!
Love the Keurig!

Love flavored tea combinations?

Brew them one after the other in a large cup

My favorite Tea combo:

Raspberry Lemonade: Use Black Raspberry and Half and Half (Tea & Lemonade).

~ or ~

Try throwing a flavored Tea bag in the cup before brewing. (You know... those funny little bags with the strings that you used before the Keurig. I bet you still have some buried in a cabinet just waiting to see daylight again.)

Remove when you have the flavor intensity you desire.

For hot Tea use regular K-cups.

For Iced Tea, use the "Brew over Ice" K-cups.

Both Brewing Styles are shown below.

Chai Green Tea

Spiced with ginger, cloves, and cardamom, chai green tea is delicious, and has less caffeine than black tea.

Chai Latte Tea

Spicy like a regular Chai tea, but creamy as well. Perfect for those who like a little cream in their tea.

English Breakfast Black Tea

I do love my coffee in the morning, but I've been known to run out. (Yeah, I know, honey, it should have been on my shopping list.)

Breakfast Tea is strong enough to get the juices flowing in the a.m.

Lemon Zinger Herbal Tea

Maybe it's the burst of lemon flavor, but I would swear this tea is full of (non-existent) caffeine. Great for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pickup. Beats the short term effect of sugar for this sleepy worker struggling to keep the eyes open.

Poll: What's you favorite kind of Tea?

What's you favorite style of Tea?

See results

Green Tea

Served hot, this is the winter version of a Iced Green Tea. Also known as white or young tea, it's a very mild form of tea that refreshes without the strong tea flavor. Green tea is also high in antioxidants, and although not yet proven, may have other health benefits as well.

Sleepytime Herbal Tea

We all have moments where sleep is the last thing possible. Don't like warm milk to help get ready for sleeping? This will have you in the zzzz's in no time.

Poll: Which is Better? Hot or Cold Tea? - Some of us are Tea purists and need it either hot or cold. Which are you?

Which is Best? Hot Tea or Iced Tea?

Want Ice Tea instead?

Use these selections with your Kuerig set for the smallest cup size. Brew into a larger glass full of ice. YUM!

Highly recommended that ice tea be made with the specialized K-cups for perfect and flavorful iced beverages.

Unless you like weak tea. :)

Poll: Have you ever used your Keurig to make iced tea?

Have you ever used your Keurig to make iced tea?

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My all time favorite Iced Tea drink!

A quick compromise to my homemade Sweet Tea brew.

More often than not there is an empty pitcher in my fridge when I'm in need, so if I can get a Sweet Tea in under a minute, I'm all over that. :)

Poll: It's okay if you are not a Tea Drinker... - but let us know here

Coffe or Tea?

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SoyCandleLover-Maker (SoyCandleLover) on Twitter lives just south of Rochester, NY. Loves living Green, Gardening, 80s, Movies, Reading, Music, Quizzes & Polls.

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