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Top 10 Strangest Fruits!

Updated on January 23, 2013

Ten Fruits You've Never Heard Of

There are hundreds of thousands of different types of fruit all around the world, and what you see in your grocery store is only a small percentage of them. Take a look through this list of the ten strangest fruits and leave a thought or two in the guestbook. Life is about exploring so get out there and learn all you can about the world around you.

Today your learning begins with fruit!

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1. Dragon fruit

Becoming increasingly popular the dragon fruit is now being sold more in stores and is even used in a popular Vitamin Water flavor, but most people still have no idea what it is. These fruits grow on cactus like vines in tropical areas and have a mild, melon like flavor.


The Jackfruit is an incredible fruit that grows from the tree in an interesting way. Often topping 40 lbs, this giant fruit is known as the flavor inspiration for Wrigley's Juicy fruit gum. This fruit is very high in latex and is incredibly sticky, the edible part is the fleshy coverings around the seeds nestled inside the sticky inner structure of the fruit.


These spiky little fruits are juicy and jelly like inside with a small pit. Their mild and sweet flavor makes them one of my favorite strange fruits!


The Mangosteen is a very cool fruit that is just beginning to become more popular as a flavor in juices and even teas. High in antioxidants, with a mild mango flavor, it is just fantastic!

Monk Fruit

Also known as Buddha fruit, you can expect this chinese fruit to become a BIG deal soon. This fruit has tremendous potential as a sweetener and is believed to have numerous health benefits.

Taste the Sweetness!


This is one of my personal favorite fruits, simply because it looks so unreal, I wish I had one in my own yard, it really looks like something from another planet, and the fruits are supposed to taste pretty decent too!


I've never tried this fruit fresh but I've had the juice and it is sweet and delicious! This fruit comes from a family of other bizarre fruits, all unique enough to make this list, but because of this fruit's great taste it was chosen to represent them all.

Try Soursop!

Mountain Apple

I had my first experience with the mountain apple when I was in Hawaii, first buying one from a local produce stand, and then later finding them while hiking up in the mountains. This fruit is not very flavorful at all, it has a faint sweetness but is very juicy and cooling. I think they're super fun to eat because they have such a strange waxy texture. They are also known as the wax jambu, or malay apple. The flowers of the mountain apple tree are very beautiful, i encourage you to look them up, and the fruit is very beautiful as well, although the pit inside almost resembles a meatball.


I really like these fruits, i bought a bag of them at an asian market once and was surprised at their sweet, juicy consistency. They're also known as "the dragon's eye" fruit because when cut in half they resemble a large eyeball (they almost feel like one when you're eating them too!) These are definately worth trying, they're tremendously popular in Southern China and throughout Asia.

Taste the Longan Fruit


These are just bizarre, the taste is said to be bitter and sour and so the fruit is used as an alternative pickle of sorts, the tree is very cool looking and it is just another of earth's curiosities! Also known as the cucumber tree, this fruit is in the same family as the star fruit or carambola. The flowers of this tree are brilliant and red, I definitely suggest looking them up!

How to Eat Jackfruit

Everything About Dragon Fruit!

The Tropical Bilimbi

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Hungry for Some Fruit?

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    • profile image

      SteveKaye 5 years ago

      Thank you for publishing this lens about these unusual fruits. Of course, if I lived in the areas where they grow, they'd be common. We have so much wonderful diversity in nature.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Very helpful information- the pictures and links are great. Thank you for posting!