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Top 5 Pepper Grinders and Reviews for 2013

Updated on February 25, 2013

Grinding The Heat

Most people love pepper and for good reason, it adds heat and spice to most meals and even provides powerful antioxidants for the body.

And even more people love the superior taste of freshly ground peppercorn in their meal, but for that you need an equally superior peppercorn grinder. In this article you will get the honest review of of the best pepper mills and what makes them great. The bottom line is that not all mills are made the same.

Essentially many cheap mills have poor quality grinding mechanisms that don't dispense the pepper in the right consistency or the right rate. To some people getting the best mill for pepper seems trivial.

But for food lovers or people who just appreciate great seasoned food, this can be vitally important. Food well seasoned with the right amount and consistency of pepper can take a bland meal to great in seconds.

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Peugeot Pepper Mill History

Most People Don't Realize That Peugeot Has Been Designing Pepper Mills Since 1810 Long Before They Ever Designed Cars.

The Charateristics of a Superior Pepper Mill - What Makes a Pepper Mill Superior?

Below you will find a list of what makes a pepper mill not just great but better than the rest. Most people may be shocked that some of the best mills can range in price from $30-$250 dollars and for good reason. Sometimes the material the mill is made of can send the price soaring, consider the finest and most expensive wood mills might be hand carved with sophisticated inner mechanical systems. Here you may expect to pay in the hundreds.

  1. Dispersal Rate or Speed: Yes, you are paying for the way in which the peppercorn is dispersed from your mill. Speed ultimately determines amount of pepper on your food and affects the heat.
  2. The Grinding Mechanism: This is often regarded as one of the most important characteristics of a superior mill. For cheap pepper dispensers, you'll find the mill made of poorly crafted metal, which again affects what comes out on your plate or in your pain. And just think of all the mills you've had to replace due to poor craftsmanship. The best grinding mechanism in a mill can hold up for 20 years or more.
  3. Material Composition: You'll find pepper mills made of many different materials including: wood, stainless steel, ceramic, acrylic and lacquer. And some people love to put their peppercorn in one mill and perhaps their sea salt in another of the same material. However, consider the fact that all material doesn't hold up the same way. You should avoid putting coarse sea salt in a stainless steel mill as it will break the steel down.

(5) Perfex 4-1/2-Inch Pepper Mill

One of the more old school grinders for sure. Even its style hasn't changed much. But this grinder is all big on function and vintage style. What really makes this Perfex mill stand out from the crowd is that it is extremely high in quality and construction. It has a pull out chute for easy filling and refilling. And though this grinder doesn't get the highest rating when it goes from coarse to extra coarse grinder, it stands in a class all by itself for reputation and longevity alone.

Perfex Crank Pepper Mill, 4.5 Inch, Made in France, Built to Last a Lifetime
Perfex Crank Pepper Mill, 4.5 Inch, Made in France, Built to Last a Lifetime

The brand has been around for a really long time and made of the most durable aluminum ever you also get a great adjustable grinder feature for this mill as well.


(4) Unicorn KeyTop Pepper Mill, Black

The Unicorn KeyTop Pepper Mill also has a great reputation on the mill market. The Magnum Unicorn is one of the most consistently high brands on the market, whereby reviews don't widely deviate. This specific model also has a really easy to turn key shaped knob, which is one of the other features that most people look for when trying to find a good pepper mill.

Unicorn KeyTop Pepper Mill, Black
Unicorn KeyTop Pepper Mill, Black

Easy loading for the pepper and also a notable great speed for dispense.


(3) Peugeot Toul Pepper Mill - Acrylic

One of the highest rated acrylic see through mills. Let's face it, there are some of us who just love to see our pepper and this is a great design for this reason. It fits virtually any decor from modern to classic.

Peugeot Toul Pepper Mill - Acrylic
Peugeot Toul Pepper Mill - Acrylic

This is the everyman and woman's pepper mill. It's affordable and functional. It may not have all the bells and whistles but it gets the job done.


(2) Peugeot PM20613 Elis U'Select Electric 8 Inch Pepper Mill, Stainless Steel

This PM20613 Elis U'Select Electric may not be for the grinding purists who prefer manual pepper grinders, but it is for the high tech cooks in us all who want something automatic and reliable. Peugeot is one of the leading designers and craftsman of the pepper grinders and features a Patented u'Select system allows which has 6 pre-set grinding speeds. You can't get that from a manual grinder.

Peugeot 20613 Elis U'Select Electric 8 Inch Pepper Mill, Stainless Steel
Peugeot 20613 Elis U'Select Electric 8 Inch Pepper Mill, Stainless Steel

It's automatic and for the high tech kitchen gadget lover. Also with 6 pre-set grinding speeds, its hard to mess any grinding up with this one.


(1) Peugeot PM25601 Olivier Roellinger 5.25 Inch Pepper Mill, Chocolate

If you didn't know, Peugeot pepper mills have been around longer than their cars. This company has perfected the mill. This PM25601 is one of the highest rated ever. It's named after one of the best chef's in the world: Olivier Roellinger. And if anyone knows mills Chef Roellinger does. You only adjust the grind by lifting the spring tab and turning the thumbwheel. Going clockwise fives you a finer ground of pepper and counter-clockwise provides for coarser grinds.

Peugeot 25601 Olivier Roellinger 5.25 Inch Pepper Mill, Chocolate
Peugeot 25601 Olivier Roellinger 5.25 Inch Pepper Mill, Chocolate

Beautiful design and technology with the clockwise and counter clockwise grind features.


How Do You Decide on Pepper Mills: Form, Function, Design or Both?

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    • TransplantedSoul profile image

      TransplantedSoul 5 years ago

      I had a pricey pepper mill that ended up only working well for about a year. They I got a nice tall wodden Peugeot, and it has lasted for years. In my mind they are the best.