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top wines for fall 2010

Updated on June 26, 2010

The Top Wines for Fall 2010

Something very near and dear to my heart is wine.  Not only did it create a bond between my Dad and I after not speaking for almost 5 years, but it has solidified friendships, made its way onto some of the most romantic dates I have been on and also has been a part of some of my most precious and favorite memories. 

I remember sipping sangria in Madrid with some of my friends in Plaza Mayor as well as sitting in a cabana with a few co workers at the 4 seasons (now Pelican Hill Resort and it is even more fabulous) in Orange County or even just at a rooftop party in Chicago last Summer for my going away party when I decided to move back to Washington DC.  Wine is something that is special and sacred to me and even though I don't drink it every day, it is a part of my life and will always be in some of my most precious and wonderful memories.  With that said, I have also been watching wine trends over the last ten years and I have started to make a guess as to which wines will be the most popular by varietal for the fall and winter in 2010.  So here is what I think will be a big hit this winter and fall,,,then again there is still a ton of Summer left so it could easily change with lots of festivals and wine parties still going on. 


Reds are going to come back big time.  You had tv shows with people like Kim drinking Chardonnay everywhere or Ramona Singer who enjoys her Pinot Grigio, but reds are being pushed away in full force and now people are starting to see red wines make a come back with Summer.  Here are the variatals I see being the biggest sellers and a couple personal favorite choices. 


Barolos are an amazing Italian wine.  They come from a very remote region and can match steaks and can also be paired with lighter meats.  I've also used a Barolo with a chicken and wild game bird stew.  Barolos are the perfect go to wine for fall 2010 because of their versatility, overall likeability by the masses and although they tend to be expensive, they create memories and people just bond over them.  When you open your Barolos you must let them breathe for an hour so get a decanter and let it sit.  You'll thank me for it.  I lovet he oaky tastes and the finishes on barolos and they will make a come back if people are willing to spend on them. My choice for a Barolo is the Setfano Farina Barolo (any year) because of their availability in most stores or online and because they have a very reasonable price point.  1996/1997 are my favorite years for the Stefano Farina Barolo though. 

Pinot Noir.

I consider this the cross over wine for white wine drinkers.  Oddly enough more people are chilling them and then serving them.  An easy light taste that pairs with silky red sauces and its ability to be dranken socially, the Pinot Noir is a hot wine to convert the white winos this summer into red wine drinkers for the fall.  Expect to see some white wine drinkers become red wine enthusiasts with a pinot noir converter to red wines.  I haven't seen any Pinot Noirs take the front runner yet but I have seen them popping up more and more at parties across the US. 

Rose/Pink Wines:

Ya, not going there.  There is no room in my life for a rose wine except when it comes to Vueve Cliquot's rose champagne.  Not only does this have the ability to make its way onto late summer and early fall party menus, but the Rose Vueve Champage can easily hit New Years parties everywhere if it gets picked up this Summer and gets a good following for fall.  It took me a while to get used to but after pairing it with a couple dessert wines from Niagra Falls (I had a fabulous vidal ice wine with it) I could see it becoming a trendy wine for a short while. 

White Wines.


I love chardonnay.  For me its my go to white wine.  I got hooked on Edna Valley and it is now popping up in more and more stores.  It is a very affordable white chardonnay and people everywhere are beginning to try it.  Chardonnays won't go anywhere because of how heavy they are being pushed to main stream markets by the media. 

Trends to look out for. 

For earl fall you should be on the look out for white wines with flowery aromas.  That will quickly start to fade in late early fall to early mid fall where I am guessing that we are going to start to see fruit flavors and thicker wines with longer legs and apple tastes or vanilla start to show up.  I also see whites going oaky and dry around late fall and into winter 2010.  With that said, we should expect to see white wine blends and even viogniers being popular in early fall.  Savingion Blancs will carry us over from the early fall to mid fall and then in mid fall we should expect to see Chardonnays and also possibly Muscats and possbly a Chenin Blanc to carry us into late fall.  For late fall and winter 2010 and 2011, we should expect to see the chardonnay back strong and some strong thick Rieslings taking over.  

Wine has been funny this year with blends mixing into the main stream and then quick switches back to solid varietals.  Fall wines for 2010 should be a fun thing to watch and how the trends develop.  Let me know what wines you think will be the most popular wines and wine varietals for fall 2010.  If you have a favorite as well, feel free to leave it on this list below by leaving a comment. 


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