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Top Five Buffets To Eat At In Southern Nevada

Updated on May 24, 2012


So this is the second part of my top five in Southern Nevada list. This hub will be going over some of the best buffets I've had in Southern Nevada. Now the best one of all isn't going to be number one on the list because I'm rating it mainly based off what the working man or woman wants to spend. That doesn't mean that my number one is going to have horrible food though, all the buffets I'm listing here will be packed with good to great food, great service and great value.

Well actually two of them wont really have ideal prices but the food is so good they have to make the list. I've also been thinking of changing the series slightly and adding one more into the three parter, making it a four part series. The fourth part I'm debating on is the top five worst buffets in Southern Nevada. Haven't really decided yet but that's for a different time.

Now once again before I start this list I'd like to remind everyone this is based on my opinion, they aren't the proven best in Southern Nevada, it's mainly just a little tips of the best experiences I've had with food, service and value at buffets.

5. Wicked Spoon - Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

I have to be honest with this one, I was a little stand offish about trying it when I first saw the Wicked Spoon. Not only because of the fact that I had a horrible experience with a buffet on the strip before but also because this buffet was 35 dollars per person. However I signed up for the Cosmo players club and got the points I needed to spin the wheel and ended up getting a free buffet out of it. Considering that my husband and I decided to go ahead and try this place.

Lets start off by saying the price is pretty expensive however the food is absolutely delicious. I'm not saying this buffet is for everyone considering it doesn't really have the normal buffet food. It has an appetizer section that has things like sliders and tostadas however they are veal sliders and pork tostadas. Instead of regular cheddar cheese they use... I'm not exactly sure of the type of cheese really but it's pretty darn good. They have spaghetti with ground duck or lamb instead of beef, there's a sushi bar, a huge dessert section and it was a great opportunity for me to try a lot of new things.

The thing that won me over about this buffet was the mac and cheese bar they had. They didn't just lay mac and cheese out there for you they let you make your own. Like the omelette bars that you come across in the breakfast buffets. You can literally pick what kind of cheese you want for your mac and cheese, you can pick what you want in it ranging from bacon to ham to even veggies like onions, chives, green onions and things of that type. It's great for both kids that want the traditional mac and cheese and adults that would prefer to throw a twist onto their mac.

The food here is probably some of the best food I've had anywhere including actual restaurants but the reason I put this at number five is because there's buffets in Southern Nevada that are close to being just as good as the Wicked Spoon but have a lower price tag. However it is one of those places that the 35 dollar per person makes you chringe but at the same time, once you get inside and eat the food you understand why it is that high. Not to mention this is the only buffet I've been to where they serve you water out of a sealed glass bottle. Out of five stars I give The Wicked Spoon a 3.5, once again mainly because of the price, the food alone would rate a 4.5 out of five.

4. Captain's Buffet - Colorado Belle, Laughlin

The Captain's Buffet in the Colorado Belle isn't really all that great on a normal night but the one thing that makes it excel in my book is the fact that it's the only buffet that I actually enjoy seafood at. Every Friday and Saturday night they have a seafood/prime rib buffet and it's at a pretty cheap price considering they feature a ton of seafood for you to enjoy. The buffet prices at 16.99 on these two nights and it's really worth every penny.

The downside is there dinner hours only last until 7 PM so you have to get there pretty much right when they open up for dinner to actually be able to nab anything fresh. However, the Captain's buffet offers literally the best crab legs I've ever had. Most buffets offering seafood usually have seafood that tastes like it's been sitting around for a good while, hasn't been cooked properly and is just of poor quality. The Captain's Buffet offers seafood that tastes like it was just taken out of the water that mourning to be prepared for that nights dinner.

It's really no surprise that the Captain's Buffet has made the list considering the seafood quality and the fact that it holds a place in my heart. Colorado Belle was where my dad and I always stayed at and have the most family vacation memories from. However it's not memories that makes this number four, it's the price you pay for the food you get. It pretty much matches each other out and landed it a spot in fourth on my list. I give the Captain's Buffet on Seafood Night a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

3. Carnival World - Rio, Las Vegas

Wow... where do I start on this one? This is by far the best buffet I've ever had in Las Vegas. They should have a warning outside the buffet that lets you know once you have some of this food you might decide to just set up camp inside the buffet and wait for all the meals to pass you by.

The Carnival World Buffet in the Rio is huge and when I say huge I mean HUGE. The place should really invest in a moving sidewalk to take you to all the different stations it offers. They have about 57 chefs on staff here, working their butts off to bring you some of best food Vegas has to offer. If you aren't careful in this buffet you'll end up getting full before you even hit their huge dessert bar. This buffet also has a full bar as one of the stations and I haven't really seen anything like that before. Of course you do have to pay for any mixed drinks you buy but it's still pretty cool to know that it's there.

Considering how much I love this buffet there's always a downfall to good things. Firstly if you aren't a Nevada Local you have to pay 29.99 per person, unless you get a players card for the Rio, then it's 26.99 however if you have a Nevada ID it goes down to 14.99. Though that's just a limited time thing. Not only the price but if you don't get there early enough you could wind up being trapped in line for a good hour or two. However this buffet, if you have the money, is definitely a must try if you ever come to Las Vegas. Food wise out of five stars I would give it a four point seven five. However when you add in the price, waiting time and size I'd give the Carnival World Buffet a 4 out of 5 stars.

2. Feast Buffet - Texas Station, Las Vegas

Texas Station is the biggest Station Casino in Las Vegas and has one of the best buffets of all the stations. The food is pretty good, the price is extremely good considering the location of the place and it being in a casino and the line isn't much of a hassle.

I use to count Texas Station's Feast Buffet as the best buffet out of all the stations but my opinion changed on that. The service at times can be a bit on the horrible side and the food isn't always fresh but the price can't be beat. At only 9.99 for dinner, 7.99 for lunch and 4.99 for breakfast the price is definitely right for cheap decent food.

As I previously said I'm basing the placement of these buffets on value for the most part. Texas Station's Feast Buffets food is pretty good and the price you wont really find anywhere cheaper in Las Vegas. Overall Texas gets a 3.75 out of 5 stars.

1. Feast Buffet - Santa Fe Station, Las Vegas

The same goes for this buffet as it does for Texas Stations. The only difference is the Feast at Santa Fe brings better food at the same price. The breakfast buffet here is by far the more superior one that I've had anywhere.

The atmosphere is great and the service is actually pretty darn good. I actually love this buffet and if you are a station casino member and play enough you get 2 for 1 buffet offers monthly. All in all Santa Fe has good food, though it is typical buffet selections for a cheap price. I'd give Santa Fe's Feast a 4 out of 5 stars.

End of the Day

At the end of the day the best prices you'll find at the buffets in the Station Casinos. The best food you'll find is the food in the Rio and Cosmo's Buffets. It's really up to the reader to decide which one they'd rather spend money on so the numbers really don't mean a thing in this case. Do you want the GREAT food for a high price or do you want the good, sometimes great food for a cheaper price. The choice is really yours.

Next up is going to be the Top Five Hotels to Stay At In Southern Nevada so keep a look out for that one and the possibility of a fourth part to this series. Thanks for reading and comments are more then welcome.


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    • Courtney_CollinsD profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Las Vegas

      I actually think I had started a hub reviewing the worst but I haven't found many buffets here that I don't enjoy... the only big one I can think of to avoid is the Luxors. Horrible.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you for taking the time to write these reviews. They were all very helpful. personally I think you should write the worst of reviews as well. I have found that the food in Vegas is usually pretty bad if you don't want to spend a small fortune.

      Missy visiting in may 2013 from MA

    • Courtney_CollinsD profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Las Vegas

      I haven't been there yet but I know carnival world was voted best buffet in vegas.

    • DeborahNeyens profile image

      Deborah Neyens 

      6 years ago from Iowa

      I get to Vegas about once a year, but haven't eaten at many buffets. We did eat at the seafood buffet at Rio last time I was there, and it was awesome. Way too much food. It is pricey, though. Even more expensive than the Carnival World Buffet you reviewed here.


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