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Tormore Scotch Whisky

Updated on August 27, 2012

Tormore (12 year old) Review - The Pearl of Speyside

The Tormore distillery is one of the most recent in Scotland, built between 1958 and 1960. With Speyside traits of malty sweetness without the distraction of smokey peat, this scotch whisky probably sits above most Highland bottles as an instantly accessible number for the masses. Certainly a good bottle to have for any collection, easy on the eye, easier on the nose and soft on the mouth, a staple. I've only got a about two inches left in my bottle, and unfortunately I am only at the introduction of my review. Will the Tormore go the distance? Stay Tuned.

A sweet as cereal scotch whisky with just a hint of fire in the belly. But it's fire without smoke. A soothing Gilmore number with no Roger Waters in sight. Best enjoyed with company, at any time of the day, in all weather and for all occasions. An easliy accessibly "best of" the Tormore is one for the uninitiated.

REGION: Speyside

Speyside is named after the river Spey. Most of the distilleries take their water from one of its tributaries; Livet, Fiddich or Avon. More than half of Scotland's operational malt whisky distilleries are located within the Speyside region.

More about the various scotch regions here

here's my haiku

It's bronze in colour

But its not a third placed scotch

Add a hint of gold

no hint of smoke to distract from the malt. A predominantly sweet, doughy smell.


Legless. A slightly oily consistency. Uncomplicated. A sweet warmth at the back, which lingers and a touch of pepper which dissipates going down.

Sweet and full, the strong alcoholic appearance mixes well with the also strong cereals, grain, wheat and oatflakes. Not really a breakfast scotch though.

Smooth legato notes rich with complexity and sweetness, you'll be happy the Tormore opts for a drawn out diminuendo to finish.

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