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Travel Mugs For Tea

Updated on November 8, 2011

Tea Mugs Designed For Travel

If you love drinking loose leaf tea, there is no need to limit your loose tea drinking to home or at tea shops. You certainly don't need to drink tea on the road like the ladies pictured, either. Just as there are many travel tumblers designed for transporting hot beverages, there are travel mugs designed specifically for tea. These tea travel mugs have built in tea strainers so you can add your loose leaf tea and hot water into the travel tea tumbler to enjoy on the road.

Not all teas are ideal for the type of lengthy steeping and brewing a travel mug for tea would provide. I recommend limiting its use for black, herbals, and roobios teas. Additional loose leaf tea brewing recommendations can be found in my article on how to make tea with loose tea.

Here is a selection of great travel mugs for tea!

Tea Time Travel poster can be purchased from

Teas Etc 12.85-Ounce 3-Piece Travel Mug Set

Teas Etc Tea Traveler 60111, 12.85 Ounces
Teas Etc Tea Traveler 60111, 12.85 Ounces

This particular travel mug is wonderful for showcasing your loose leaf and blooming tea because of its clear mug. The mug itself is made from BPA-free plastic.


Do You Like Loose Leaf Tea?

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Bodum Double-Wall Stainless Steel 16-Ounce Travel Coffee and Tea Press, with Bonus Tumbler Lid

Bodum Double-Wall Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press with Bonus Lid, 0.45L, 16oz, Purple
Bodum Double-Wall Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press with Bonus Lid, 0.45L, 16oz, Purple

This Bodum travel mug has a built in press for brewing both coffee and tea. If that isn't enough, it also comes with a standard tumbler lid so you can switch out the one with the press built in if you already brewed your tea. I am featuring the purple one because purple is my favorite color, but you can select your own personal favorite from Amazon.


How About A Travel Teapot?

I love this travel teapot because it is perfect for enjoying loose leaf tea at your desk in the office.

Brewer Travel Teapot

The Brewer Travel Teapot helps you find tranquility and peace while brewing loose leaf tea on the run. Inside this stainless steel travel teapot is a fine-mesh infuser, perfect for steeping your favorite loose leaf tea. Keeps liquid insulated and hot for 1 hour. Not microwave or dishwasher safe. Holds 20 ounces.

Tea Travel Tumbler For Your Tea Bags

If you prefer your tea out of tea bags, here is a travel mug with a tea hook to keep your tea bag from falling into your tea.

Tea Top Brew Travel Mug

This Tea Top Brew Travel Mug is good to go. You no longer have to drink over-brewed tea. Featuring the patented Tea Top lid, this brew mug is a "traveling teapot" perfect for enjoying whole leaf Tea Pouches. The brewing system is simple: Fold the tea tag in half and thread through the underside of the slit on the lid. Once the brew time indicated on the tea tag is reached, just pull up on the string. This squeezes the oils of the Tea Pouch into the infused beverage below and pulls the spent Tea Pouch up to rest in a domed area. You never have to drink over-infused tea again. The body is crafted of double-walled stainless steel keeping your tea hot, while staying cool to the touch. Please see "Brew" for a user guide. Tea Top Brew mug holds 12 oz.

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