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Turkey Burger Recipe: A Low Fat Quick and Tasty Homemade Dinner

Updated on August 29, 2017

The Best Turkey Burger Recipe I Know

This delicious turkey burger recipe is so easy and so full of flavor you won't miss the calories! Packed with tasty fresh herbs and spices, these burgers are moist and hearty and soooo good that we don't even put cheese on them. (And that's a big deal, because at my house, we put cheese on everything we can possibly put cheese on...)

So if you're looking for a low fat meal that won't disappoint, give this turkey burger recipe a shot!

*Nutritional information included below*

Photo Credit: Jessica Barst


(makes 9 4-ounce turkey burger patties)

1 lb all white meat lean ground turkey

1 large onion, finely chopped

1/2 cup fresh parsley, finely chopped

4 garlic cloves, minced

1 teaspoon dried oregano

2 eggs

1 cup dried Italian breadcrumbs

1 tsp salt

1 tsp black pepper

2 tsp olive oil* (for pan cooking, not in mixture)

9 hamburger buns

Weighing the turkey burger patty
Weighing the turkey burger patty


Beat the eggs in a large bowl.

Add ground turkey, chopped onions, parsley, garlic, oregano, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper to the bowl and mix well by mushing together with your hands. (Take your rings off, trust me! Ew...)

When well mixed, measure 1/2 cup portions and form into balls (or use a scale to measure 4oz), then flatten and shape into patties. It's a good idea to have a platter covered with a sheet of wax paper or freezer paper standing by for the raw patties as you make them.

Warm a large skillet over medium-high heat and add 1-2tsp of olive oil to the pan. *Note: in order to keep this recipe as low-fat as possible, I recommend using a Misto gourmet olive oil sprayer to give you a nice light, even coverage of oil for cooking.

Transfer about 4 patties to the pan and cook about 8-10 minutes on each side or until nicely browned and completely cooked through. Remove from skillet when cooked, place on a plate and cover with foil while you cook the rest of the patties in the same manner.

Photo Credit: Jessica Barst

Misto Gourmet Cooking Oil Sprayer

I love my Misto! I have one for cooking and one that I use for beauty. You simply fill it half way with the oil of your choice and pump it to build up pressure. This means your cooking spray is made of exactly what you put into it and nothing more; no questionable chemicals used as a propellant. It is also an excellent way to keep your cooking light - you don't pour out more oil than you need, you get a perfect even mist every time. Read my complete write-up and Misto Gourmet Cooking Oil Sprayer review on Hubpages.

Serve your lovely turkey burgers on a bun and add your choice of condiments. I like mine with ketchup or barbecue sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes...and sometimes, raw onions! Oh, and a side of pickled okra doesn't hurt either.

Also shown: my favorite summer salad. Keep reading to find out what it is!

Photo Credit: Jessica Barst

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Watermelon Summer Salad with Feta and Spicy Vinaigrette recipe
Watermelon Summer Salad with Feta and Spicy Vinaigrette recipe

My Favorite Side Dish to Serve with these Delicious Turkey Burgers

Not only is it one of my favorite salad recipes, but it is my favorite accompaniment to these tasty turkey burgers. This Watermelon Summer Salad with Feta and Spicy Vinaigrette is a delicious and healthy companion to this yummy dish!

Featuring fresh watermelon, feta cheese, and arugula spiked with a tangy serrano chile lime dressing, this sassy salad will tantalize your tastebuds while takin' those turkey burgers to the next level!

Photo Credit: Jessica Barst

Photo Credit: images from

Ground Turkey VS Ground Beef. What's your preference?

Nutritional Information (Turkey Burger Patty only)

*Please Note* this chart represents the nutritional information for one of these turkey burgers, patty only. The buns I use are 100% whole wheat Orowheat Sandwich Thins rolls. They are delicious, nutritious, and add 100 calories, as is the average for most hamburger buns I think, but they also add a good deal of fiber and protein.

If you are counting calories, be sure to include the bun you use plus any condiments you add for an accurate representation!

Now that's a fat cow!
Now that's a fat cow!

Turkey Burger vs Beef Burger

nutritional comparison

How does this compare to a normal beef hamburger, you might ask?

A typical home-cooked grilled hamburger made with 80% lean ground beef weighs in at 320 calories, 30 grams of fat, and 110mg cholesterol for just a 4 oz. patty; no bun, no cheese, no mayo, etc.

So these awesome healthy turkey burgers haveone tenth the amount of fat, less than half the calories, and 30% less cholesterol!!

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Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear what you think of this recipe. Do you think you'll try it?

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  • profile image

    JoshK47 5 years ago

    Sounds delicious and healthy! Thanks for sharing - blessed by a SquidAngel!

  • MayaIxchel profile image

    MayaIxchel 5 years ago

    Great recipe! I love the salad as well! Thanks ~ Greetings from 'the land of eternal spring'!