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Types Of Honey To Put In A Gift Basket

Updated on November 22, 2012

Honey In A Food Gift Basket

Looking for something to spice up a food basket a little, try adding a few jars of specialty honey. Honey can turn a ordinary gift basket into a mouth watering gift.

Making a loaf of bread and a few food items to put in a gift basket is a traditional gift. One that I have always loved and found it fitted my budget wonderful. My favorite food basket is a cornbread basket with different types of honey in it to try with the cornbread. I also like making chocolate muffins and dark chocolate bread paired with Hawaii Lava Honey.

Types Of Honey
Types Of Honey

Different Types of Honey Forms

Honey can come in different forms. When packing a Honey gift basket it can be fun to include a couple different forms to create variety in the basket.

Comb Honey: This is when the honey comb is included in the jar of honey. The Comb is totally edible and can be a very eye catching piece in a honey gift basket. Many will use chunks of honey to sweeten hot tea or cut up to pair with specialty cheese.

Chunk Honey: This is a combination between a regular jar of honey and a jar of honey comb. Instead of just a honey cob it has junks of honey. Just as the honey comb this is perfect to pair with hot beverages. Thick sour dough bread would also go good with this type of honey.

Liquid Honey: This type of honey is what most of us buy in the supermarket. It is running and comes in bottles to easily pour in a cup of tea or spread on a muffin.

Creamed or Whipped Honey: This type of honey is crystallized and whipped to provide a product with texture similar to butter.

Flavoured Honey: When a honey says it is flavored it could be flavored by where the honeys get their nectar or they could have added fruit flavoring to it. It is important to read the labels to understand where you honey is coming from.

Types Of Honey To Put In A Gift Basket - Consider Some Of These Type Of Honey To Put In A Gift Basket

Honey is a staple in many gift baskets with homemade food and other types of food because it can make even the ordinary look dazzling. Choose a honey that compliments the other things you are putting in a gift basket.

Best Deal For Buying Multiple Types Of Honey For Gift Basket - Click for larger image and other views Share your own related images Honey 12 Jar Assortment-12 D

This package is a great bargain to get lots of types honey at once. You can buy the honey to put in many honey gift baskets or in one large gift basket. The honey is such a great gift the box itself full of honey could be wrapped as a wonderful gift.

Honey 12 Jar Assortment-12 Different Honeys 2oz Jars
Honey 12 Jar Assortment-12 Different Honeys 2oz Jars

*12 Gourmet Honeys

*Newly Harvested Seasonal Honeys Included

*12 Uniquely Different Tasiting Honeys ~ Selection May Vary

*Raw Unfiltered Uncooked Unheated Natural Artisanal Certified Kosher

*Used by The Culinary Institue of America, The French Laundry, Chez Panisse, Whole Foods and many other upscaleRestaurants, upscale Groceries& Fine Foodies.

Honey For Gift Basket
Honey For Gift Basket

Try Something Besides The Clover Honey In The Bear Bottle

Yes Its Great But Go Get A Little Adventurous

Honey is a great food item to put in a gift basket. The typical person sticks to the honey found at the local grocery store in plain site, my typical brand is found in a plastic bear shaped bottle. When using as a gift try to go beyond the basic honey.

If your not into exotic honey the best heart warming honey gift is probably a gift of local honey. A bottle of local honey can usually be found he nice looking decorative containers at the local grocery store for a decent price.

Best Selling Honey Gift Baskets - Types Of Honey To Put In A Gift Basket

If you do not have time to make the gift basket look below for some fantastic pre-made honey gift baskets. If you are making your basket give the honey gift baskets a look to get ideas for your own.

Gift Items To Add To A Honey Gift Basket - Are you looking to add something cute to your honey gift basket?

How To Make A Gift Basket

Make Your Honey Basket A Little More Fun

Wrap your honey jars and treats in decorative fabric to match your gift basket theme to create a even more eye catching basket.

Local honey can be great and have wonderful benefits to the immune system. But I have to admit I enjoy trying and using honey from all over the world.

Do You Prefer Local Honey Or Do You Like To Get Adventurous?

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