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The Ultimate Chocolate Dinner Party!

Updated on February 18, 2015
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SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

We Are Talking An Evening Of Unadulterated Chocolate Bliss Here!

Just imagine... one day during the week of Valentine's Day, (or any other day of the year!) you decide to throw the Ultimate Chocolate Dinner where everything - drinks, appetizers, soup, breads, entrée, side dish, and of course dessert are ALL chocolate! I am planning to throw just such a dinner for my two grown kids and their significant others during Valentine's week this year. I've been busy scouting out the best recipes and decided I should share them all with you!

Best of all, the entire menu will be a Vegetarian theme ! You will notice that I have included Chicken Mole' on the menu. The flavors are so intricate and fabulous I could not resist. You may have some guests who are not vegetarian. I think it would be fabulous prepared with black or other beans instead of chicken! Why not prepare part of the dish with chicken for your non-vegetarian guests and part with beans.

If the menu items suggested aren't feasible for any reason, just use your own creativity and search out foods you love that contain chocolate!

But I do have to tell you... I have personally made Emeril's Chocolate Pudding Cake With Chocolate Ganache, pictured here, more than once. If you are looking for the ultimate chocolate "fix," this is the dessert for you! If nothing else, make just the Ganache! Super-easy and quick to make. You can spread it on cookies (see my photo of the homemade sugar cookies with ganache below), eat it as a super-rich dessert shot with whipped cream... again, be creative! It is pure chocolate heaven. Keeps well in the fridge too! Just remove the amount you want, warm in the microwave and enjoy.

I'll even recommend everything you need from dinnerware and stemware to cutting boards, to make your party a total chocolicious smash no one will ever forget!

I know this dinner party would be a blast for adults, but just imagine it for the kids! You could make a few simple changes in the menu to make it all kid-friendly, and have a dinner they will never stop talking about!

"... a total chocolicious smash no one will ever forget!"

What's On The Menu!

  • Mixed Fruit and Spring Greens with White Chocolate-Orange Vinaigrette
  • Emeril's Chocolate Cocktail
  • Emeril's Marble Bread (did you know the dark part contains chocolate!!)
  • Chocolate Chicken Mole'
  • Emeril's Sweet Potato Chocolate Bars With Spiced Cream
  • Emeril's Chocolate Pudding Cake With Chocolate Ganache

Emeril Does Chocolate On YouTube!

Chocolate Is Calming!

Homemade Sugar Cookies With Emeril's Ganache

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