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Vanderbilt Kitchen Collection

Updated on August 5, 2013

Making Your Kitchen Beautiful!

If you like functional but pretty pieces for your kitchen, then you will love the Vanderbilt Home Collection. They were established just recently in 2011 but are dedicated to innovative and stylish design.

As well as items for the kitchen they also have bath products. Using high-quality materials and fashionable finishes in their designs, Vanderbilt Home Collections strive to make each part of your home have a lot of style with out a lot of expensive.

I particularly like the Chrome Banana Tree Fruit Basket as it will look pretty on any kitchen counter and makes it handy to grab a piece of fruit for a snack.

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Chrome Banana Tree Fruit Basket

This lovely chrome banana tree and fruit basket will look lovely on any kitchen counter. Hang bananas or grapes to prevent bruising and add everything from bagels and muffins to fruit to the basket.

8 Piece Measuring Spoon Drop Down Cup Set - Nesting design makes these measuring spoons and cups easy to store!

Vanderbilt 8-Piece Measuring Spoon and Drop Down Cup Set
Vanderbilt 8-Piece Measuring Spoon and Drop Down Cup Set

If you are short on space, these collapsible measuring cups and spoons are the answer. These vibrantly colored utensils making cooking fun. Made of durable hard plastic and silicone construction and they can be used for both wet and dry ingredients.


Coffee Pod Spinning Carousel

This is a great idea for displaying your K-cups or to make them easier to use. This carousel holds 36 K-Cups and will look good on your kitchen counter. This is a great idea for using when you are having a buffet when entertaining. It has a non slip base so it will stay in one place!

Keurig B66 Ultimate Video

Coffee Sampler for Keurig Coffeemaker

Great sampler of 29 different flavors of coffee including: Brooklyn Bean Roastery, Caza Trail, Donut House, Gloria Jean's, Grove Square, Martinson, Green Mountain, Hamilton Mills, Kahlua, Wolfgang Puck.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this coffee sampler: ” I love all of the flavors! What was really great is that we got 2 of each flavor so my hubby and I won't be fighting over who gets what! Great product to get if you love flavored coffee and hate having to buy 30 of one flavor to get a good deal!”

Delicious Coffee!

Delicious Coffee!
Delicious Coffee!

Coffee and Tea Brewing System

This Keurig single cup coffeemaker has a one touch control panel that has a blue LCD backlit display. As well there is a digital clock and the machine is programmable making it easy to set with five brew options.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this coffeemaker: ”Now, I know the coffee maker is relatively expensive initially so the return on investment will take a little bit of time. With all the myriad of types and flavors of coffee and tea available, we have truly cut down on our Starbucks addiction and have both tailored our K-Cup purchases to suit our individual tastes. My husband makes two to three of his own Vanilla Latte style iced coffees every day. I've branched out into trying all kinds of different teas in addition to making my own coffee. “

Deluxe 2 Tier Dish Rack

Don't have a dishwasher or when there's not enough room in the dishwasher, this well-constructed, two-tiered dish rack drip dries plates and silverware and features a built-in cutlery box and slanted side slats for glassware.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this dish rack: "I live with 3 other roommates and we go through dishes like crazy! This replaces our old wire rack that took up way too much counter space. My favorite part about it is the fact that it has two levels. That just makes sense. And the removable water drip tray is so convenient!"

Lightweight Bamboo Bed Tray

This beautiful bamboo bed tray is perfect for breakfast in bed. The serving handles make it easy to carry.

Bamboo/Stainless Steel Napkin Holder - Clean and beautiful lines in this bamboo and stainless steel napkin holder.

Vanderbilt Home Bamboo/Stainless Steel Napkin Holder
Vanderbilt Home Bamboo/Stainless Steel Napkin Holder

This bamboo napkin holder has a bamboo base and a weighted stainless steel arm to hold down the napkins. The stainless steel arm is hinged for easy refilling. Designed to fit any decor.


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