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Best Vegetarian Jerky - Vegan Jerky CAN Taste Great

Updated on August 18, 2012

Good Vegetarian Jerky Is Finally Here

If you are like many vegans or vegetarians, beef jerky is something you have been longing for. Some people get grossed out by the texture of beef jerky but many people do wish they could still eat it after becoming either vegetarian or vegan.

For years, a vegan option for jerky was sought after by thousands of people. Many initial attempts to make a product were not worth buying more than once. But that has changed! Vegan Dream now has a jerky that is making waves among vegans. Their meatless/truly vegan jerky is delicious, has a texture that mimics jerky (for those that miss it) and is incredibly healthy. Best of all the price is great too! Click here for a sampler pack!

Best Review of Beefless Jerky

For anyone who has turned vegan who was previously a beef jerky addict, this stuff is the real deal - just as good as the very best (hand made) beef jerky but 100% cow friendly. A really high quality product, I consider it a real treat and it is amazing with a glass of soy milk! It will also do the business for any vegans with a bacon craving. Hickory is probably my favorite but the Chili one was very interesting and I think my wife likes the Cowgirl variety best, so they chose that name well!

-Amazon Reviewer-

Vegan Dream Vegetarian Jerky Choices

Vegan Dream Jerky - Original Hickory Pepper, 6 Pack
Vegan Dream Jerky - Original Hickory Pepper, 6 Pack

The Original Hickory Pepper Vegan Jerky from Vegan Dreams - yum!


What Is Vegan Jerky Made From?

You may be wondering how vegetarian jerky can be made to mimic the flavor and texture of real beef jerky - without any meat or meat products! That is something that really made me think for awhile too. Thankfully the Vegan Dream company is able to explain this for us so it is easier to believe.

The main ingredients are twofold. The first is wheat gluten. The second main ingredient in vegetarian beef jerky is defatted soy flour. These are then combined with other ingredients and the flavors in a secret recipe and cooked in a way that really does make them mimic the texture of real jerky.

Vegan Dreams primarily uses local sauces and flavor mixes which is great for their local economy as well! This also helps keep costs down for the company and us!

Buy Vegetarian Jerky In A Sample Pack

Vegetarian Jerky Video

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Vegan Jerky Reviews/Customer Comments

Here are some customer reviews for vegan jerky.

  • "I wish I hadn't waited so long! ... it is delicious"
  • "Definitely the best vegan jerky I've had ... The spicy one is great, and the cowgirl ... one is delicious
  • " I was super excited when my order arrived (I got the variety pack) and I tried them one at a time (one per day) and loved every single one of them. "
  • "It was a huge hit. He loved both the taste and the texture and declared the Chili Pepper flavor to be his favorite."

Convinced yet? Click here to a sampler pack today!

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