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Vintage And Antique Restaurant Equipment

Updated on January 18, 2013

How To Find Antique Restaurant Equipment To Save Money

When you are thinking about opening a restaurant of your own, there are many different types to choose from and thousands of ways to decorate - one such way is the vintage or antique restaurant look.. Most of your decision will be based on the type of food you want to prepare and serve and the type of clientele you want to reach.

Once you have made the decisions of the food and clientele, you will be ready to find the perfect location for your new establishment. Next, is the decision as to what you want it to look like and the type of atmosphere you would like to create for your customers.

Some people want to establish an old fashion family style restaurant with home cooking. This can be accomplished with the purchase of antique restaurant equipment and grandma’s recipes. Other types of restaurants include; Take our or fast food restaurants are created for the person on the go. People who frequent fast food establishments are on the go and want to be able to get their food in a hurry and eat it elsewhere.

There are two types of fast food restaurants. One type you just pick your food up and go, at best they will have a bench for you to wait on your food to be prepared. Some fast food restaurants have a dining room you can eat in if you like. Food is served in Styrofoam, cardboard, paper containers and carried out in paper bags.

Casual or family style dining restaurants are quite often pizza or barbecue style restaurants. A place where you can dress any way you like, the kids are welcome, and there is something on the menu for everyone to choose. Very often, these types of restaurants will also have a buffet and salad bar and it is possible to buy antique restaurant furniture to achive a dated look.

The customer can choose from items on the menu, buffet and/or salad bar. Orders are taken and food served by the wait staff, plastic or disposable dish and silverware are used to serve the food.

The buffet and salad bar, are serve yourself, often made from a stainless steel bench and often all you can eat. The full service or formal dining establishment is normally referred to as the perfect place to go without the kids. Soft lighting, candlelight and a feeling of romance is what this type of restaurant offers the clientèle and there are a number of people selling vintage restaurant ware to match this decor.

Make reservations for a specific date and time, arrive you will be greeted and seated by a host or hostess, the rest of the evening the wait staff will cater to your every need. It does not matter what eating out means to you, there is somewhere for everyone to go to when they want a night out on the town.

Vintage Restaurant Equipment
Vintage Restaurant Equipment


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