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Vitamix Blender Review

Updated on April 14, 2015
Dressage Husband profile image

Having a childhood cyst overdosed with Penicillin made Stephen hyper allergic. From this he developed a keen interest in eating for health.


Vitamix 1732 TurboBlend VS Blender

We just purchased the Eat to Live Cookbook by Joel Fuhrman M.D. this is a cookbook written by a medical doctor who had noticed that the peoples of certain countries did not get some of the deadly diseases. He began a study of the associations between diet and health. The benefits and the adverse affects of what we eat. Next he began experimenting with what he and his family ate, and then his patients. He wrote a New York Times best seller "Eat to Live" about his research.

I have other lenses that talk about the cookbook, my wife and I have bought the cookbook and are working our way through the recipes. This created a problem for us, as many of the foods require blending and juicing. The items being blended are fleshy green vegetables such as Spinach, Kale, nuts, dates and dried fruit. The resulting sticky goo proved too much for our existing blender, and we could smell the motor starting to burn out when we tried to use it.

Thus began our search for the best home use blender, for those amongst us that are into the Green Smoothies and healthy mainly vegan food. Our on-line research came up with just 3 brands that are supposedly a head and shoulders above any of the others. These are Optimum (probably the worlds best blender) which has a 3 HP motor and 6 blades, but it is currently only available in Australia and the UK. The most popular brand after that was the Vitamix which has 4 blades and a 2 HP motor (but spins the blades nearly twice as fast as other blenders), and finally the Blendtec which is similar to the Vitamix but with only 2 blades. Each brand appears to have its own ardent fans.

All three of these blenders are very close in price, but Vitamix is 90 years old and they are made in the USA, this makes them easily available, and more importantly the company has an excellent service record, should anything go wrong. They even sell fully refurbished (at the factory) models with a full warranty for those who can not afford a new one. Best of all they come with a 7year warranty. You do not have to register at the time of purchase for them to honor it. However it is best to do so as it is only valid for the original purchaser.

The model we settled on was the Vitamix 1732 VS Turboblend. This model is essentially a 5200 made specifically for the Vegan market, as it comes with a bag that allows you to make your own nut milks, and a tamper to ensure that all the leafy vegetables and lighter items reach the blades. This is a problem with some blenders, as these items tend to float. The tamper is designed so as to never touch the revolving blades.

Blending is super beneficial, as it breaks open the cells of the plant material thereby allowing us to digest more of the vitamins, minerals and photo-nutrients that are contained in the plant. The cook book teaches us to cook the vegetables so that they are slightly undercooked, this again helps preserve the nutrient value of your food. The other major points are that fats and oils are wasted foods as they are calorie rich (fattening) but nutrient low, and that refined sugar is actually a poison (however natural sweeteners such as dates are not). Dairy products are also to be avoided, as they block our ability to absorb the nutrients from our food (who knew?)

Since at the time of writing we were still waiting for our blender to arrive I used Amazon`s product photographs here.

Why You Should Use A Blender

When we bought the Eat To Live cookbook we were surprised to find that most of the recipes required the use of a high powered blender.

The reason given is that breaking up the fruit and vegetables releases the nutrients from within the plant cells. This in turn makes them easier to digest. I had realized that this was helpful for infants, but it is also true for adults.

Not only does it help release the nutrients, but it also releases the flavor too. Foods that are blended taste better too.

One word of warning the food should be prepared and blended just before eating as over oxidized food loses its flavor. You will notice this if food is prepared more than two hours before eating.

The blender makes mixing up your own salad dressings possible in seconds (here the Vitamix being faster than other blenders excels as it takes seconds rather than minutes for other blenders). We tried making Peanut butter which others struggled with and often add other oils to get their blender to make it at all and then it takes 10 minutes or more (read some natural food blogs).

In the Vitamix you use 3 cups (minimum) of mildly roasted peanuts and turn on at Variable 1 then turn the dial gradually to Variable 10 then flick to High, about 45 seconds later you will have your Peanut butter (you may need the tamper if the nuts bind so that there is an air bubble round the blades). The first two times I made it I did not need the tamper, but the third time I did. The fact that Vitamix has been in business for 90 years meant that the tamper comes with the blender, some other makes believe they do not need them and they are not provided. Not having a correctly designed tamper for your blender is a major issue as other implements could catch on blades that spin at 240 mph, Ouch!

Vitamix 760 Tamper Tool, Black
Vitamix 760 Tamper Tool, Black

This is a spare tamper. You will get one with the blender.


Related Products From Amazon

I have added in items that go well with the blender and hope that many of you are tempted to try this way of eating. It has already achieved many great results. People following this way of eating have recovered from diabetes, allergies, heart problems and even some tumors have decreased or vanished. The foods are so rich in nutrients that they strengthen the immune system. It is also great for reducing weight and maintaining the loss. Many of Hollywoods greats have tried or follow similar (near) Vegan ways of eating. Jane Seymour (for one) she wore her bikini at age 60! and put many 23 year old to shame. Her son`s photo of her went viral on-line!

Eat to Live Cookbook: 200 Delicious Nutrient-Rich Recipes for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Reversing Disease, and Lifelong Health
Eat to Live Cookbook: 200 Delicious Nutrient-Rich Recipes for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Reversing Disease, and Lifelong Health

This is the cookbook that got us interested in the blenders. Vegan or plain Healthy eating often requires the use of a high speed blender and I find this a pressure cooker and a bread machine all save time and electricity (over using the stove), and you eat better!

The Green Smoothie Bible: 300 Delicious Recipes
The Green Smoothie Bible: 300 Delicious Recipes

Green Smoothies a great way for you and your kids to get enough fruit and green veggies in your diets. Children will often drink a smoothie, even if they claim not to like some of its contents!


Videos That Show Blenders In Action

Here are a whole bunch of videos that show just how simple it is to use a blender and make smoothies and blended foods for yourself. Be sure to watch the cleaning demo before you decide on which blender to buy. It was the last video I added.

Making Sorbet

Cleaning a Vitamix

Vitamix VS against Commercial Comparison

Useful Vitamix Tips

Professional Vitamix Demo

This is our adaptation of the Green Smoothie recipe from Eat To Live by Joel Fuhrman M.D. We use more milk as we found his too thick.

Cook Time

Prep Time: 5 to 10 minutes

Total Time: 6 to 11 minutes

Serves: 2


  • 1 cup of berries (your choice)
  • 1 cup of almond soy or hemp milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1 orange peeled and pips removed
  • 1/2 cup Kale or Spinach
  • 1 tablespoon of flax seeds


  1. Add ingredients to high speed blender cup in order given.
  2. Set blender to variable speed.
  3. Turn blender on and increase from speed 1 to 10 gradually.
  4. Switch blender to High speed.
  5. Blend for 30 seconds or until smooth.
  6. Turn blender to variable and speed to 1 turn off.
  7. Pour into suitable glass.
  8. Drink.
5 stars from 1 rating of Green Smoothies

Vitamix Products from eBay

It is often possible to get great deals on products like the Vitamix on eBay. The 5200 was the earlier model of the VS 1732 Turbo Blend.

Green Eating and Blending Poll

Are You Interested In Eating To Live And Green Smoothies?

See results

Place To Add Your Views - Do You Use A Blender To Make Your Food?

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  • Dressage Husband profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen J Parkin 

    4 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada

    @TerriCarr: The other thing is the ability of cheaper blenders not to bun out under the stress. I could smell our old one doing just that which is why we splurged! Hope yours lasts up a bit yet.

  • TerriCarr profile image


    4 years ago

    I haven't gotten a Vitamix yet, but it is definitely on my list. I can't get one right away but I am glad to see eBay has such great deals. I have made some whole fruit & veggie smoothies in cheap blenders. It is true they don't come out as creamy. But sometimes it is better than no green smoothie at all.

  • Dressage Husband profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen J Parkin 

    4 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada

    @georgepmoola2: Thank you George.

  • georgepmoola2 profile image


    4 years ago

    Good lens, good information.


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