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What is the Best and Most Reliable Microwave?

Updated on September 10, 2014

Top rated microwaves for your kitchen.

These reviews of the best and most reliable microwaves will make your buying choice easier. You should not have to replace a microwave year after year. With these you can have years of use from your microwave and even some extra features you don't expect in a countertop microwave.

Panasonic NN-SD762S Genius Stainless Steel Countertop or Built-In Microwave Review

It used to be that all you could expect from a microwave was warmed up, soggy leftovers with burnt edges and half the taste you expected. Panasonic is literally changing the way people view microwave food with their pioneering inverter technology that senses how food needs to be cooked. Instead of overcooking the edges of food, it simmers until the center is cooked to perfection. In this way, it delivers food the way we want it to look and the way we need it to taste. Its elegant design and stainless steel structure make it a perfect choice for modern kitchens. Highly convenient to operate and boasting multiple features like turbo defrost, a pop-out dial, and a handy keep-warm feature, this appliance is a stand out in its class and affordable even with all its marvelous bells and whistles.

Panasonic NN-H765BF Genius Kitchen Countertop Microwave Oven Review

Panasonic’s innovative inverter technology takes microwave cooking to a stellar new level. No more burnt edges or sloppy and mushy or unappetizing foods. This 1.6 cubic foot, 1250-watt microwave applies variable cooking temperatures so that it simmers instead of overcooking. Stylishly black or white and affordable, this model is ideal for families or busy people who rely on their microwaves everyday. It’s easy to operate and since it cooks food evenly, it’s a pleasure to use. Its five-button panel and solid dial are easy to understand and adjust for employing needed functions. It boasts ten power levels that allow cooks great control over their dishes. As basic microwave models go, this brand and model deliver far more stand out features than other appliances in its class.

LG LCSP1110ST Combo Microwave and Baking Oven Review

Microwave plus oven equals your new favorite household appliance. You can now get oven-made taste without heating up the whole kitchen. Marvelously convenient to use, this high functioning model also features fantastic microwave capabilities. It offers ten power levels and some auto cook features that allow cooks to tailor its use to meet the needs of each dish. The oven and its pizza drawer are ideal for popping in frozen pizzas, paninis, and even biscuits or cookies! Great for families or busy people on-the-go, this stellar appliance is a sure-fire hit for kitchens that require convenience in cooking as well as food that tastes great. It also looks great from a merely decorative point of view and will enhance the look of any kitchen! As multi-function appliances go, this one is tough to beat.

Sharp Convection Microwave Review

Microwave, roast, bake, broil—this 1-1/2 cubic feet 900-watt convection microwave allows cooks to deliver the food they want with the method that will best enhance it. Multi-functional microwaves take convenient cooking to a brand new level. Your old microwave may heat a cup of coffee or bowl of soup optimally, but this model actually cooks food great! You’ll no longer need to operate your traditional oven and heat up the house simply to achieve oven-quality taste and texture. With eleven power levels and an easy-to-operate design, this appliance is an excellent choice for people who like to cook. While it can easily heat up leftovers, it does so much more and proves that this new breed of microwave is destined to become an important cooking tool for today’s kitchens.

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Review - How about a microwave/toaster oven?

Brilliant is not too strong a descriptor when it comes to this multi-functional appliance. We all know that different foods require different cooking methods for optimum taste and finally there is a microwave that understands this too! As a smart oven, this 1800-watt toaster oven can deliver seared meats evenly cooked through and toast that’s perfectly crisped. Who knew a microwave could make great toast?! With one of the most finely-tuned and sophisticated microwave systems on the market, this model is utterly convenient to use and perfect for a wide range of cooking methods and styles. Broiling, baking, toasting, roasting, and, naturally, the simple ability to reheat or defrost—this unit is a stand out that will certainly enhance food for optimum taste.

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