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What's the best way to make coffee?

Updated on February 28, 2011



I'm sure you know that there are alot of ways to brew coffee. Bubba Gump comes to mind when I start mentally listing the different ways to do this...

There's the drip coffee maker, there's the auto drip coffee maker, there's the percolator, there's the french press, there's the Turkish coffee maker, there's the science lab 500ml beaker with glass funnel and cone filter, there's the pour over, there's the Bunn drip maker (one of the best), there's the...

I think the best TASTING brewing method is to use the French Press. The problem with it though is that it really stinks as far as ease of use is concerned. You have to heat the water separately. I guess you can heat it in the carafe in the microwave if there are no metal parts on it. Next, put the ground beans in the carafe, pour in the water, steep it, plunge it, clean it... blah-blah-blah...

but first...

A Suprising Percolator

I stumbled onto a percolator at a second hand store several years ago in Mount Hood, Oregon. It was one of those ceramics made by Corning Ware. I think they got discontinued because some people (who are total idiots...) tended to get shocked because they wouldn't unplug it before pouring to serve. (Side note: These kind of people are the ones that have caused all those over-the-top safety regulations that are unecessarily costing the American consumer millions a year. Sorry, just had to get that out). Anyway, its makes really, really good coffee. Why? I don't know because percolated coffee is brewed at too high a temp thereby scalding the beans and also over-extracting the coffee. But if you ever come across one, get it. I think you'll like the style of coffee it brews. It can also be put on a stove to heat and percolate, so you can control the heat.

There's the Turkish Method

Don't know much about this one since I am not a fan of Turkish styled brewed coffee. Which is pretty stupid on my part since I own a coffee roasting company and I should know "all about" everything coffee... But I don't like it and if I don't like it, I won't learn about it so, I can't recommend it and so, I don't really care about it enough to learn about it... Sorry, I'm not being rude, I'm just being honest about my ignorant resistance to things I should not be resistant to since, after all, I am in the coffee business!

There's the 500 ml beaker with a glass funnel found in your basic science lab.

If you've had high school chemistry, then you've probably seen this one... Does a great job and like the percolater system its easy to scald the coffee using boiling water. Just put the grinds in the cone filter and pour water heated to 180 - 190 degrees.

Mr. Coffee Style Drip Makers Sort of SUCK!

In order for the water to get up the internal pipe to the drip filter to brew the coffee, the water has to boil. The water then hits the your precious grinds at about 212 degress. All it does is brew scalded, burnt coffee. There is no way to get a good taste out of these systems. They're useless and they really suck big time! If you have one, just throw the piece of crap away and go get one of the next brewing systems I discuss. I'm not beign rude, I'm only being honest.

BUNN Pour Over

The Bunn coffee maker is available at alot of stores like Target, Wal-Mart, etc for about $90.00. It is the easiest to use and clean. It makes a perfect brew every time. The water is kept hot in a holding tank at all times at about 190 degrees and below boiling degrees so it won't scald. When you "pour over", it brews immediatly taking only about a total of three minutes to finish. Eventhough the best taste comes from the French Press, this one makes the best coffee from an easy to use system. So, for the daily routines of life I use the Bunn but when I want the absolute best tasting cup I go for the French Press, that is, if I have time...

The French Press, here's how to do it...

Although I told you why I don't use a french press as it seems to me to be a lot of trouble, I must admit that it produces the absolute best tasting coffee. In that regard, it may be worth the extra steps to you.

If you do decide to use one, here is how to do it.

First of all you should start with a good coffee but brewing any coffee this way will make it better than any of the other ways of doing it.

You may have to experiment with the courseness of the grind and the steeping time to get the best flavor. Generally, too fine of a grind or steeping too long will produce bitter coffee by over extracting the coffee. So, experiment with these variables and find out what you like best.

Grind the coffee fairly coursely and float one ounce for a 12 oz French Press filled with water heated to 190 degrees. Don't go hotter, that will scorch the coffee. Like I said about the Mr Coffee, the reason those cheesy drip makers brew such janky coffee is that they have to boil the water to brew into the basket. Thats 212 degress at sea level! That essentially scalds and scorches the beans.

Also, steeping too long will pull the oils out of the beans and into the brew. Aside from using crappy coffee like Star8ucks, that is what makes coffee bitter.

Anyway, let steep for 3-4 minutes, press down the plunger and pour.

"Its the baest!' - Nacho Libre



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  • bayareagreatthing profile image

    bayareagreatthing 8 years ago from Bay Area California

    Nice Hub! Randomly interesting. I love french press coffee- that is how we make coffee when we go camping. It is messy though. Never used a Bunn- I will have to check that out!