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What's The Easiest Nespresso Machine To Use In An Office

Updated on August 19, 2014

The Nespresso Citiz Is The Best Office Machine For Small Offices

Nespresso has been around for roughly 25 years and they have consistently made excellent espresso products. Most machines are designed for ease of use and for the home barista but for the the small business owner that wants to have a simple espresso machine on hand for staff use the Citiz is my favorite option.

The Citiz, much like it's relatives, uses a 19 BAR pump and a thermoblock to heat water. It makes a very good shot of espresso extreamly fast. The quality of espresso produced is incredibly good and none of the units require much skill to use. Most only require one or two button pushes.

What sets the Citiz apart for office use is that it's the largest unit available without complicated features like steam wands and manual settings. For offices simple is almost always better.

Nespresso U Vs Nespresso Citiz

The U is completely automatic right down to the cleaning mode. If you want a bigger water reservoir for the office then go with the Citiz which will have to be refilled about a third less often.

Stay Away From Milk Frothing For Simplicity

The majority of people like coffee and espresso but don't know a lick about making lattes, cappuccinos, or other espresso based drinks. If you want to provide your staff with easy access espresso while also giving your coffee drinking employees happy just program the Citiz, Pixie, or Inissia to pull a normal shot of espresso and a voluminous lungo shot. The lungo shot will look and feel like a small yet potent cup of regular coffee while the espresso pull will satisfy those purists.

I for one would stay away from milk drinks and steam wands both of which can make a big mess and intimidate people who would otherwise drop a pod in the machine and hit a button. When you have to keep things clean and orderly a basic Nespresso machine sans milk frother is the easiest way to offer basic (and very tasty) espresso in an office environment... and if you opt for a Citiz then you'll be offering the largest water reservoir available meaning the reservoir will have to be topped off with water less frequently.

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Video Review of the Citiz

For a small office this offers extreme simplicity and a bigger reservoir.

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