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Where To Buy British Food In The US

Updated on March 5, 2013

I spent two glorious years living in the United States and I loved every minute of it, so much so that I am busy working hard to save the deposit for a holiday home in Florida. It became a second home. That doesn't mean that I was always happy of course, sometimes I really missed the UK, especially friends. Not only friends though, I also missed British food and drink, personally I missed Marmite, Yorkshire Tea, and Lucozade the most. Every British person living in America will have little things that they miss in a big way. The great news is that you can buy pretty much anything in America, but only if you are willing to pay a premium. It costs a lot of money to ship items across the Atlantic and import taxes have to be paid on anything imported, so unless you have deep wallets you will have to ration yourself! Some things are more expensive than others, but it is always cheaper to buy in bulk - buying single items will cost you a fortune.

British Biscuits

I've never been much of a biscuit person, with the exception of Rich Tea and Hob Nobs, but many ex-pats that I know in America really miss British biscuits when having a cup of tea (and a decent cup of tea can be hard to find too!). American biscuits just aren't the same, they just miss the concept completely. The good news is that you can find most British biscuit brands online to purchase and many of them are available at reasonable prices, I've found that Amazon is the best place to purchase many of them. Check out the great deals below!

British Chocolate

American chocolate is just not as good as British chocolate, especially if that British chocolate is Cadbury's. I tried numerous American brands while in the country, often with the promise that they were "as good as British chocolates", but I never found a decent alternative to Cadbury's Milk Chocolate or the Flake. The British are brilliant at making confectionery, you just don't realize it until you can't get any. The great news is that British chocolate is actually affordable in America, especially if purchased from Amazon where many six or twelve bar packs are offered with free shipping. In fact, it doesn't work out much more per bar than it would in a local corner shop in England these days, chocolate has seen huge price inflation in the UK recently!

British Crisps

Close your eyes right now and just spend thirty seconds imagining what it would be like to taste your favourite Walkers Crisps flavour. Tastes good doesn't it? Has been too long right? Well I know from experience that when you actually devour the crispy goodness of your favourite Walkers crisp flavour, it tastes even better than you could previously have imagined. Mmmm.... Walkers Salt & Vinegar. Amazon stock pretty much every flavour of Walkers crisps as well as a variety of multipack bargains, many of them with free shipping. If you buy a six pack you will probably end up spending about $1.20 to $1.50 per packet, which is pretty reasonable considering the journey that they have to take. The real bargain however is the 36 packet multipack box which can be had for $44 with free shipping, that's well under a dollar a packet! You can find that linked below.

British Sweets

Sweets is another thing that I'm not really into, but some of my ex-pat friends and British colleagues during my time in America really missed British sweets when living in America. Some of them really seemed to miss Haribo, whilst one was crazy about Jelly Babies. It can be pretty difficult to find British sweets for sale in the US and the value for money really depends on what you are looking for, some popular products are linked below however, at pretty reasonable prices.


I'm a Marmite lover so I'm going to be exercising some bias here, but I felt that Marmite deserved a section all of its own. There may be as many people who hate Marmite as there are who love Marmite, but there will still be thousands of British people in America seriously craving this stuff right now. In fact, I even gave Marmite a page all on its own: Where To Buy Marmite In The US. It isn't cheap, but Marmite addicts like me won't give too much consideration to the cost when needing a fix of the brown stuff!

British Beverages

America is great at coffee, and most fizzy drinks are of course American, but when it comes to tea.... Americans suck. You can't beat English tea, and I'm not even talking about expensive loose leaf stuff, even your standard supermarket tea bags from the likes of PG Tips, Tetley, or Yorkshire Tea taste like heaven in comparison with most American offerings. My favourite teabag is Yorkshire Tea, and thankfully it is pretty easy to buy Yorkshire Tea in America, as it is most other popular tea brands. I've linked to Yorkshire Tea and PG Tips below. I've also linked to Ribena and Lucozade, two other popular drinks that Americans just don't know anything about!

British Desserts

Now, if there is one thing that Americans are great at, it is desserts. You will never struggle to find an incredible pile of chocolate things with ice cream. I have fond memories of the incredible desserts at the Cheesecake Factory. That doesn't mean that you won't miss a good old British dessert though, and you don't get much more British than Spotted Dick with custard. A few links below to some very British desserts.

Other British Foods

There must be thousands of British food products which are sold in American supermarkets, it would be impossible for me to list them all unless I started an online business and dedicated my life to it, if I have left out your all-time favourite thing then simply click through any of the links on this page and search Amazon. There is a very good chance that Amazon will stock it, and a good chance that Amazon will offer the best price online.


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    • absolutelycreat profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for make it easy to find British food in US. My inlaw will love this he's Wales. All yummy.


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