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Buying A Coffee Machine Tips

Updated on July 6, 2015

Looking at the best coffee machines

There is nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Especially when it is from a high quality coffee machine using excellent coffee beans.

Coffee for some is like fine wine once you have tasted the best it is hard to go back to the old brew.

The same is true for coffee machines, once you have experienced the flavor of fresh beans brewed in a state of the art machine there is no going back to the old drip ground.

If possible start with fresh water, fresh beans ground with a burr grinder and loaded in your favorite coffee maker!

The Modern Coffee Machines

There are numerous types and brands of machines in the global markets.

From little and medium type companies to the mega companies have introduced innovative coffee making machines to cater the growing demands of the coffee fan.

Whether it is a single cup coffee maker or a large scale production like the local coffee house.

From fully automated and programmable coffee makers to novel features being introduced to handle the requirements of the coffee drinker. Equipped with burr grinders strength selectors and plenty of other facilities these machines need no manual monitoring.

Espresso machines in their new models have specifically designed pumps to spray steam thru ground coffee.

Nespresso Espresso Machine
Nespresso Espresso Machine

Nespresso Espresso Machine

What this machine features:

This is a single serve with one touch milk frother for convenience.

Uses a ThermBlock heating system, designed for coffee capsules and features nineteen bar pump.

Allows for electronic regulated temperature and programmable and fully automatic coffee settings.

Features a coffee capsule waste container and a forty one ounce water tank that is removable.

Popular Brew Coffee Machine

The word popular is based on the over 2000 reviews on Amazon, all those people can't be wrong!

Popular may be described differently depending on who you talk to, one persons idea of a feature may be disliked

by someone else.

Ideally you need to look at want suits your needs.

Looking For Commerical Coffee Machine?

Own a small coffee shop? Want to own a small coffee shop?

This machine will rock your world if you need lots of coffee in a hurry.

It can produce up to 70 drinks per hour, for the rush in the morning.

Durable steel frame made to last!

french press
french press

Let's Not Forget The French

First for all the good stuff, this unit and parts are dishwasher safe!

Each brew serves two or three people four cups.

The brew in this unit is perfect it pulls the flavor out of the bean, that is provided you start with a good bean.

You did start with a good bean right?

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