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Where To Buy Custard In America

Updated on February 3, 2013

When I moved to America I found that there were dozens of things that I missed which I had never expected to miss, probably because I'd not realized how 'non-American' these things were. I fully expected to miss Marmite and Cadbury's chocolate, for example, but it wasn't until I got to America that I missed other things like Custard and Mushy Peas. I struggled to find many Americans who had any idea what custard was, yet alone where I could find and purchase it. It was almost a decade ago now that I lived in America, it is much easier these days to find British products, especially if you live in an area with tens of thousands of fellow ex-pats. Even if you don't live in an area which has the benefit of a 'British Store' then you have the Internet.

Buying Custard Online

I'm somewhat envious of people who live in America now, as opposed to a few years ago, as the rising ex-pat communities has resulted in dozens of small businesses importing British products to sell online. One of the best places to buy custard is actually Amazon (as I will show you below). You have to expect to pay more in America than you would in Britain however, and to justify the higher prices you just have to stop and think a little about the logistics involved in exporting and importing. These products have to be loaded into pallets, taken by HGV to a port, shipped thousands of miles across the Atlantic, import duty has to be paid upon arrival in America, then the pallet must be unloaded and shipped via HGV to wherever they are to be stored in a warehouse awaiting your custom. Some British foods seem to be more expensive than others, usually heavier foods such as tins have a greater mark up than lighter foods such as chocolate bars and packets of crisps.

Bird's Custard Powder

If you are British and you are craving custard then chances are you are looking for Bird's custard powder, delicious stuff! The great news is that Bird's custard powder is not particularly expensive to buy in America from Amazon, with the best deal probably being the six pack at around four dollars per canister. That's less than three British pounds, so whilst obviously more than you would pay in a British supermarket it does shipping so very reasonable. You can also buy single canisters although at a premium, links below to the best deals on Amazon.

Ambrosia Devon Custard

If you are actually looking for tins of Ambrosia custard then you should expect to get less of a bargain, tinned food always costs a lot when exported to America due to the sheer weight of the pallets. The best deal for Ambrosia Devon Custard is the 4 x 14.1 ounce deal with works out at a little over 4 dollars per can with free shipping. That's not a bad price at all, and cheaper than most imported British tinned products.

Australian Custard Brands

I'd almost finished this page before realizing that Australian's also eat a lot of custard, how ignorant of me! There are also a few listings for imported Australian custards on Amazon, such as the two linked below. I have no idea whether you can get Bird's custard in Australian supermarkets, or neither whether these products are any good, but if you are Australian then I guess you already know what you looking for in advance!


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