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Where To Buy Lucozade In America

Updated on March 5, 2013

The two years that I spent living and working in America are right up there with the very best of my relatively young life so far, but there were some things that I really missed about the UK, and most of them were food and drink related. The food that I missed the most was Marmite, while the drinks that I missed the most were British tea bags (such as PG Tips or Yorkshire Tea) and Lucozade. I like to do a bit of running and gym work, and I found that none of the American energy drinks worked just like Lucozade, neither did they work quite as well for me, they didn't seem to at least. When friends and relatives visited I would always ask them to bring me a few bottles, but their visits weren't frequent enough to fulfil my demand, unfortunately I just couldn't find a cost effective supply in America at the time.

Buying Lucozade in the USA

Out of curiosity I checked recently to see whether that situation had changed and found that it is now easier to buy almost all British made food and drink products in the US, including Lucozade and Marmite, and that the costs had become a lot more reasonable, no doubt due to the fast growing number of British ex-pats in Florida and California. Whilst Lucozade is still more expensive to buy in America, that is to be expected due to the cost of shipping stuff across the Atlantic and the import taxes that must be paid in America, I was surprised at just how reasonably priced Lucozade is if purchased in bulk online.

Buying Lucozade from

I had quite a comprehensive look online and found that the cheapest place to buy it was in fact Amazon, where there are several sellers who seem to compete on price. It will cost you a fortune to buy a single bottle of course, in order for it to be affordable you need to purchase a case, it also depends on which type of Lucozade you want to buy, I've detailed the best deals below.

Lucozade Original

Buying single bottles or single cans of Lucozade will cost you a fortune, so your only option is to buy a multipack. The cheapest that I could find online are these two deals, the 6 pack of 1 litre bottles of Lucozade, and 24 pack of 380ml bottles of Lucozade. The six pack of 1 litre bottles works out much cheaper per litre or per millilitre, but it depends on your consumption habits, twenty four bottles will probably last you longer as you can open one small bottle at a time. In fairness the same applies with bottled drinks in the UK, you always save a lot of money by buying bigger bottles.

Lucozade Orange

If your preferred flavor is actually Lucozade Orange then unfortunately your options are much more limited and pretty much restricted to this multipack of 6 x 380ml bottles for $26.99 (at the time of writing). Multipacks of the big bottles, or larger packs of small bottles, are not available. This pack doesn't work out all that cheap, but it depends on how much you miss your Lucozade!

Other Lucozade Flavours

The other Lucozade flavours, as well as Lucozade Sport, appear to be available only in singles and they aren't cheap. But if your wallet is deep and your craving is substantial enough then sometimes you are just willing to pay.

Lucozade Energy Tablets

I've never consumed these Lucozade energy tablets but if you do then again the best place to acquire them in America is on


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