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What is Nori and Where to Buy Nori Seaweed Sheets?

Updated on October 4, 2012

Is nori just for sushi?

Seaweed (or nori) is used frequently to roll sushi (it's the black/green stuff usually on the outside). However, nori has many other uses. It can be used in salads, or used to help make cute kids bento boxes.

Nori has many health and dietary benefits as well.

You can buy nori online. Keep reading to find more great ideas for integrating nori into children's diets or skip straight to where you can purchase nori online

Introduce Nori to Kids with this Super Cute Nori "Candy" Recipe - Start with "Candy Nori" and Transition to the Real Thing

Fruit Rollup and Cereal Candy Sushi Recipe from Betty Crocker
Fruit Rollup and Cereal Candy Sushi Recipe from Betty Crocker

This is a fantastic way to introduce Nori into your kids' diets, and they will definitely eat it and help with preparation (its made from fruit rollups, candy gummy worms and cereal). Recipe from BettyCrocker.

The candy sushi will open the door to taking about the health benefits of the real thing, and they will be more open to try it the next time. More ideas for serving Nori to kids here.

Two sheets of nori a day

keep the doctor away.

Go beyond Sushi with awesome Nori Recipes.

What are the health benefits of eating nori?

Nutritional Value of Nori

Nori has been valued to promote longevity and health by the Japanese people for centuries. Nori's reputation as a natural health food has been firmly established, and approximately 10 billion sheets are produced and consumed in Japan annually.

Obviously, the amounts of vitamins and minerals per serving vary from brand to brand, but nori is always high in protein and high in fiber.

Nori contains 12 kinds of vitamins including group A and B vitamins. Nori is called "The Reservoir of Vitamins" because few other foods are as much in vitamins as nori.

* Vitamin A --You can consume enough vitamin A per day with just two sheets of nori.

* Vitamin B --Two sheets of nori also contain Vitamin B1 and B2 in amounts equivalent to 50~60 grams of pork, a sufficient daily amount.

* Vitamin C --Nori has twice the vitamin C as the same amount of tangerines do. In general, vitamin C is easily destroyed by heat, but in the case of nori, vitamin C is stronger and is retained even when heated.

* Iron --Two sheets of nori contain an amount of iron equal to 600 cc of milk or one egg.

Nori is packed with vitamins and minerals!

It contains high amounts of iodine, carotene, vitamins A, B and C1, as well as significant amounts of calcium and iron.

What's the difference between toasted and untoasted nori? - And roasted nori, what's that?

Toasted nori is generally salted and toasted in a toaster. There is also roasted nori.

The heating/toasting/roasting process strips nutrients from the seaweed so some people prefer raw nori for that reason.

Some people even buy raw nori to be consumed by fish in their fish tanks (I can't verify this but it's supposedly cheaper than what they buy in the pet stores).

What is organic nori? - What's the benefit of organic nori?

Organically grown nori is certified through the OCIA International. It basically means that no chemicals or artificial fertilizers were used to raise the seaweed. The producers should also be regularly testing for toxins, fuel oil and pesticides.

It's best to try several to see what you like best, and what works best for you (whether you're making sushi or punching faces for a bento box, or just crumbling up a sheet to garnish and flavor a salad).

What type of nori do you like best?

See results

Where to buy nori seaweed sheets?

You can buy Nori at Asian markets, Health Food Stores (like Whole Foods) and occasionally at a Walmart Grocery (in the Asian section). However, you can also purchase Nori sheets online.

I don't purchase much food online through Amazon because it tends to be a bit higher than my local grocery stores are. However, Nori is one of the few items I purchase through Amazon because shipping is free and the price is comparable. I do recommend checking to see if the prices in your area are lower first, though.

Nagai Deluxe Sushi Nori, 50 Count
Nagai Deluxe Sushi Nori, 50 Count

Nori ships well since it's non-perishable. This package ships free with Prime and the cost per sheet is around .30.


Kids will Eat Cute Nori too!

Use these Nori face punches to encourage children to include Nori in their diets.

Nori Alphabet Punch - Can't Find it For Sale Online Anymore :(

Nori Alphabet Punch - Can't Find it For Sale Online Anymore :(
Nori Alphabet Punch - Can't Find it For Sale Online Anymore :(

Nori prevents stomache ulcers

and provides immediate relief.

Nori is high in iodine which helps

everything from PMS, to acne, allergies, hypothyroidism, bladder infections and fibroystic breast disease!

Have any nori or seaweed or bento box advice?

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    • Spirality profile image


      4 years ago

      Candy nori looks interesting

    • OrganicHealthAn profile image


      4 years ago

      Love using nori sheets for my sushi, I think they are the nicest brand though there is not much difference between Nori and Dulse, just Nori is easier to get for me

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      5 years ago

      Love the stuff on California rolls

    • ladyyummy profile image


      6 years ago

      I have yet to try the candy sushi.

    • PatriciaJoy profile image


      6 years ago from Michigan

      I've been making raw "sushi" lately with nori and just love it. Thanks for the great info.

    • earthybirthymum profile image


      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I eat seaweed daily. Kelp, Wakame, Dulse, and Nori are a few of my favourites.


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