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Where To Buy PG Tips In America

Updated on February 4, 2013

Do you miss English tea?

There are a growing number of British ex-pats in America, go to San Francisco for example and one in every twenty people that you meet seem to be British, in Florida there are hundreds of thousands of British who visit their vacation homes. My wife lived in America for one year for work and like many English people over there, the thing that she missed the most was proper English tea. Americans sell great coffee, but there is no America tea which can match the quality of even the mainstream teas found in supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury's. All is not lost though, it's easier than ever to buy real imported teabags from England, and they won't cost you the earth either! They will cost you more than they would in an English supermarket of course, but considering the logistics involved the prices are more than fair.

Buy PG Tips in USA

When my wife lived in America a few years ago she found a website dedicated to selling British goods, but it was ridiculously expensive, I believe that she paid about $15 for a small jar of Marmite for example. Recently though, with the growing number of Brits in the country, more and more people have begun importing goods in America to make a little extra money and many of them are selling them on sites such as Amazon or eBay! This has in turn resulted in British goods becoming much cheaper to buy in America, PG Tips included. I tend to find that the cheapest way to buy is to purchase multipacks (multiple boxes) from, such as those linked to below.

Decaf PG Tips Tea

It's just as easy to find decaf PG Tips online too, although they seem to be a little more expensive (ultimately though, decaf tea is more expensive to buy in England too, due to the process requires to extract the caffeine). Again, the cheapest place seems to be Amazon where you can find some great multi-pack deals, remember that all of the PG Tips tea bags featured on this page are exactly the same as you find in the UK, they are imported into America! You do have to be wary of some brands simply selling licenses to manufacture inferior products under an umbrella name, but the risk is not their with PG Tips which remain a very British product. I'm a caffeine addict myself and have never been a fan of decaf teas, but if decaf is your thing thing check out the best offers from Amazon below.

Other PG Tips Teas

PG Tips are also sold in a variety of other forms in the UK including stronger flavors, loose leaf version, and even a version with a hint of Earl Grey taste. These specialist teas can be difficult enough to come across in the UK yet alone America, so supply can be restricted at times and prices can fluctuate, they can often be found on Amazon however and listed below are links to some of these alternative teas.

Is It Cheaper To Buy on eBay?

When it comes to electronics, movies, and other general consumer goods, I typically find eBay to be a bit cheaper than Amazon, but when it comes to foodstuff - particularly imported and specialist foods - I tend to find Amazon cheaper. Prices do fluctuate on both however, in fact it is often supply inconsistencies which push prices on eBay up sometimes. eBay sellers are clever and if they notice their competitors running out of stock, they soon hike their own prices right up. It is always worthwhile comparing prices from both however and so for that reason

Interesting Facts About PG Tips

PG Tips were originally called 'Pre-Gest-Tee' when launched in the 1930's by Brooke Bond, but grocers and salespeople soon began to abbreviate the name to 'PG', the tea was named 'Pre-Gest' as it was marketed as a tea that you could drink before eating food, claiming that it was a digestive aid. After the second World War the British government put in place a law which prohibited describing tea as a digestive aid and so the name 'PG' was adopted formally by the brand. The word 'Tips' was added to the end to indicate that only the tips of the tea plant were used in the blend, those are the best bits of a tea plant for tea production. The brand is now owned by American company Unilever.


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