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Where To Buy Walkers Crisps In The USA

Updated on March 5, 2013

I spent two glorious years living in America and to be honest I miss it, the experience was wonderful and the people were great. That isn't to say that I didn't miss the UK of course, I found myself really missing a few home comforts that I'd never imagined myself missing. Friends and relatives of course I had expected to miss, but they were only a phone call or live chat away. The things that I found myself missing the most were common British food items such as chocolate bars, Marmite, English teabags, and crisps.

There is simply no substitute for real Walkers crisps, those 'Lays' things are a poor substitute. I'd spent months imagining what it would be like to devour a packet of Walkers Salt & Vinegar before a friend actually brought me some over. The taste sensation was even better than I had imagined. That was almost a decade ago now, those who live in America are lucky, and they are lucky because it has become easier enough to buy your favourite English stuff online!

Walkers Crisps In America

There are various websites which specialize in British food imports into America, but I always find them very expensive. The cheapest place that I have found to buy many British food products in the USA is in fact, and that applies to Walkers Crisps. It is expensive to import food into America, it costs a lot of money to ship something thousands of miles in relatively small quantities, plus import duties have to be paid. Despite the obvious logistical problems and the duty which has to be paid I was really surprised to see that you can get Walkers Crisps for less than a dollar a packet. Walkers Crisps cost 65p a packet in my local corner shop these days, and while multipacks tend to be smaller than the packs which you find being sold individually in newsagents, that is still more than a dollar for a pack in the UK! The more you buy in a single pack the cheaper they get, so I've featured 6 packs, 12 packs, and huge 48 packs below.

Walkers 6 Packs

One of the most popular ways to buy Walkers Crisps in the UK is of course to buy a six pack of your favourite flavour. This isn't the cheapest way of buying Walkers Crisps in America of course, because you are buying online and paying postage. Amazon stock six packs of every Walkers Crisps variety imaginable, including the popular flavours presented below, most will cost you around ten dollars including shipping for six packets. Larger multipacks work out much cheaper per packet and are featured below.

Walkers 12 Packs

Amazon also sells a few 12 packs, although only the three linked below. These also work out at a little over a dollar per packet.

Walkers 48 Packs

Now we are talking. Buying a small packet and no doubt eating them all within a few days is only going to be a temporary fix to your cravings, this is where things get serious. Amazon stocks 48 packs of the most popular flavours including Cheese & Onion, Ready Salted, Salt & Vinegar, and Prawn Cocktail. At the time of writing most of these work out at around a dollar a packet, with the exception of Salt & Vinegar which work out at around $20 more per bag! Ouch! Salt & Vinegar is the most popular Walkers flavour of course so that may be a temporary supply issue, the prices shown below are updated in real-time.

Other Walkers Crisps

It is inevitable that some people who stumble across this page will be looking not for the the standard Walkers varieties but any one of their other various crisp types. Squares and Quavers are particularly popular, and you can also buy Wotsits, Frazzles, and some Monster Munch flavours. Enough to have anybody salivating at the mouth.

Facts About Walkers

> The Leicester Walkers factory produces 11 million packets of crisps per day!

> They use 800 tonnes of potatoes PER DAY!

> That's 292,000 tonnes of potatoes per year!


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