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Where to find online cooking classes

Updated on April 16, 2012

If you have been thinking about changing careers or have always wanted to pursue your passion for cooking but have never had the time or money to go to culinary school, there may be another way you can still learn what you need. There are many sites online now that are offering free cooking classes. These classes are often taught from real courses that others have taken in the offline world. While the teaching format may be a little different, the hands on experience can still remain the same. You will have to be your own guide though and will not have access to a teacher to help you walk through any tough spots, but many times there are videos that you can watch that will help you get through the steps and teach you how to implement each of the cooking techniques there are to learn for the variety of different dishes.

Start with the Cooking Basics

Most cooking classes start you off with cooking basics. These include the various ways to cut vegetables. You will need to know which type of knife is best used for chopping each type of food element. You can learn how to dice, mince, cut julienne, roll cutting, parallel cutting, the proper way to crush vegetables like fresh garlic, how to properly tenderize various meat cuts,how to make the perfect sauce for every occassion, and much more.

There is a lot to learn when wanting to be a chef but many of the techniques you will be taught only require practice to get them right and if you have the desire to learn and grow, you can tackle any of the lessons you can find online and work at your own pace without feeling stressed out or incompetent.

Google Your Way to a Free Education

To find free cooking classes online you can just simply go to and find some videos, or you can type in "free online cooking classes" into the Google search bar and you should find many listings pop up. You will want to find something that will teach you right from the get go and will be written in a clear and concise manner so you will feel comfortable every step of the way. Take your time. Find classes and courses that allow you to take tests after each lesson. In this way you will help your brain to retain the information at the same time as completing the actions along the way. Start a notebook at the beginning. Take notes that jump out at you. Write down recipe ideas as they come to you or questions you may want answered as you go. If you do not find answers to these questions, you can always go and do more research on the specific topic.

Cooking Shows are an Excellent Resource

I love cooking and watch cooking shows like Masterchef and Top Chef every week. Weekly cooking show like from Paula Deen or Bobby Flay can also help inspire you and teach you neat little tricks that you may not learn in an actual course. If cooking is truly your passion, then the sky is the limit. Once you have learned the basics, you can then go and apply at restaurants that are looking for line cooks or assistants in the kitchen. Do not look at these jobs as menial even though they will not be the type of pay you would really like, for it is these types of jobs that will give you the hands on experience to grow and get better. Once the employer sees your desire and drive, you will soon be moving up the ranks.

If you are worried about getting certification for your course and worried that you will not gain that by learning online,you can obtain this certification from an online cooking school but you will have to pay for it. Click here for more information on paid courses and the costs to enroll.


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