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White Wine Spanish Sangria

Updated on April 19, 2014
White Wine Sangria
White Wine Sangria

Traditional Sangria

Sangria is a drink native to Spain and Portugal and is traditionally a red wine and fruit punch, often with stronger forms of alcohol added to give it an extra kick. It was shortly after I created a Hub Page on how to make Sangria that I received a message asking me whether Sangria could be made with white wine, for those who prefer it to red. Although I had previously heard of a version of Sangria being prepared with white wine, it is not something I had encountered or tasted, even in Spain. I therefore deemed to find out what it would turn out like and this page is the result.

White Wine Sangria Ingredients
White Wine Sangria Ingredients

White Wine Sangria Ingredients

When I make Sangria in the traditional sense with red wine, I like to add a spirit to give it something a little bit extra. I decided on this occasion, with White Wine Sangria, to make the white wine the only alcohol content, to give it a lighter and less potent effect. A white spirit such as vodka could of course be added if desired.


1 bottle of cheap Spanish white wine

Lemonade in same quantity as wine

1 Granny Smith apple

1 banana

1 small peach

Jug of White Wine Sangria
Jug of White Wine Sangria

Preparing the White Wine Sangria

Mixing the White Wine Sangria ingredients could not be simpler but it is preferable to have all the ingredients well chilled beforehand. This eliminates the need to include ice, which simply melts and waters down the drink.

The white wine should be added to a large jug and the fruit chopped and added. If time permits, it is best to refrigerate the fruit in the wine for a further hour to allow the flavours to infuse before adding the lemonade, stirring well and serving immediately.

Traditional Spanish Sangria
Traditional Spanish Sangria

Traditional Spanish Sangria

If traditional Spanish Sangria is more to your taste, the link below this paragraph will take you to the original site I created, which in turn prompted this one. This is the variety of Sangria which you will be more likely to come across in Spain though it should be noted that Sangria does not vary in Spain simply by region to region but by bar to bar and restaurant to restaurant. Two establishments located right next door to one another are likely to serve very different blends of what is essentially a fruit and wine cocktail. If you do go to Spain, therefore, it is worth trying the Sangria in different places until you find the blend which you prefer.

Traditional Spanish Sangria

Do you prefer Red Wine Sangria or White Wine Sangria?

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    • Russell-D profile image

      Russell-D 7 years ago from Southern Ca.

      Red or White, Gordon, I think either goes with the moment. For afternoons, white Sangria sound ideal, also for people who aren't heavy drinkers. But, Red would seem to go best with evening parties, for us swiggers and boozers. Thanks for the White Sangria recipe, I'll try it at poolside with afternoon Summer guests. It sounds like the perfect balance to Guacamole. David Russell

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